Android Based Bluetooth Door Lock using Arduino

Android Based Bluetooth Door Lock using Arduino

Objectives of the Study

The proposed project aims to produce a Bluetooth Based Door Lock that will function using a mobile application where password will be encrypted and signal will be transmitted via Bluetooth device and user will receive SMS notification as an added security, several specific objectives must also be accomplished to reach the desired goal.

  1. Bluetooth module must be compatible with the device to receive signal in both ends
  2. Arduino GSM shield is properly plugged in to receive/send SMS notification through the registered user number
  3. Android based mobile application has been created where the password of the user will be entered and making sure that it is being encrypted
  4. Functionality of solenoid used for the door lock

Scope and Limitation of the Study


The simple door lock system can be used in residential places to ensure safety.  It can also be used in an organization to ensure authorized access to highly secured area.


Bluetooth is developed for short range communication. Bluetooth Devices are normally having low power and low cost.  It can only transmit signal up to 100 meters.  The battery usage during a single transfer is negligible, leaving the device switched on will lowers battery life. Android based mobile application should be installed in the smart phone and user can generate password that should match with the password assigned in the system. Only the registered mobile number can receive an SMS notification every time the door opens or closes.  The

Significant of the Study

The proposed project aims to change the traditional key into a modern way of opening the door where security is the main priority.  This would provide an alternative way of locking and unlocking door locks with the use of Bluetooth technology that is also capable of sending SMS message through GSM module. Middle class homeowners and companies can take advantage of the system because of cost efficiency and an added security.

Definition of Terms

Bluetooth – The Bluetooth chipset serves as the transceiver, and receiver of the Bluetooth signal between the mobile phone and the device that is responsible for the automation part of the device

GSM module – a specialized type of modem used by the microcontroller to send message via mobile network

SMS – Short Message Service, a text message received by the homeowner once the door lock has been triggered.

Arduino – a microcontroller processes the resulting inputs and commands gathered from the Bluetooth chipset and trigger the lock to be locked or unlock. The microcontroller also controls the GSM module on sending SMS message upon intruder detection

Design Criteria

This project was developed to be used by home owners or in offices.  Its main advantage is to open the door lock using an android phone where password is encrypted and home owner’s mobile phone will be notified every time the door opens.  The main objective of this system is to added security at home and though the concept is automation, traditional key will still be used as an alternative.

The project will used an Arduino, a simple microcontroller board and open source development environment used to control GSM/GPRS shield for the SMS notification and Bluetooth shield for the signal transmitted to the solenoid for opening the door.

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