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Project Context

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(state your school or institution) is using the traditional way of voting in their election process where students will have to line up and register their name before they can vote. The students will collect their ballot, write their chosen candidate, submit their ballot, and have their fingernails inked. The counting of process is another problem. After the given election period, the members of the electoral board will have to count the votes manually which is a very tedious task and is prone to errors. Thus, manual counting may result to inaccurate and unreliable results.

In this study, the researchers aim to develop an efficient, accurate and reliable computer-based voting system for the students of (state your school or institution) that could track ballots, speed the counting of ballots and can facilitate electoral fraud. The design of electronic voting system will be based upon the electoral process adopted by (SCHOOLNAME). The system can be made fully accessible to any computers; information of the student candidates such as their pictures and accomplishments in which the student can identify and determine easily their respective candidate.

The software includes important features such as user’s log access, voter’s page, admin page, database maintenance, and help assistant.

Thus, this project will focus on how to design and develop a computer based voting system adopting the direct recording electronic voting to be used by the school during election period.

Purpose and Description

The main purpose of this capstone project is to develop automated voting software that is user-friendly and reliable. The Electronic Voting System (EVS) will be developed by the researchers for (state your school or institution). The proposed project “Electronic Voting System (EVS-(SCHOOLNAME)) is a computer based software that enables voters to vote smoothly, comfortably, and peacefully during student government elections The EVS-(SCHOOLNAME) enables users to interactively view profiles of the candidates and choose their candidates in an electronic screen, through buttons, a mouse-based GUI or by simply using an input device to make their choices. The system will focus on the school’s election which will allow voters to vote using a computer and the system will provide accurate voting results.

The features of the system will focus on: log-in/log-out services, administrator’s page, voter’s page, database maintenance, and help assistant. Log-in/Log-out Services, refers to one of the features of the proposed system that will prompt users to enter their user ID and password to be able to access the student voter’s page and the school administrator’s page. Voter’s Page, is used by the student voters to view candidates party list and candidates profile, and cast their votes during election period. Administrator’s Page, is used to register and validate new voters, existing voters, candidates’ record, and generate election voting results. Database Maintenance, refers to one of the features of the system wherein the administrator can update voters’ records, candidates’ record, manage data and transaction log files, and backup the system. Help Assistant, which contains instructions on how to use the system.

The proposed project can generate the following outputs, these are: user’s log report, candidate party list, and election tabulation results.

The proposed project offers several benefits for the school administration and the student voters which include the following: voters can easily cast their votes, voters can choose their candidates through an electronic screen or computer monitor by a click of a mouse, speeds up the counting of votes, increase the security and reliability of elections, computer can count an unlimited number of ballots, and the system can automatically generate the results to determine the winning candidates.

Objective of the Study

The main objective of this project is to develop a computer based voting system, Electronic Voting System (EVS) for (state your school or institution), that is accurate, reliable, and easy to use during the election of student representatives and to provide relevant and accurate information needed after the election process.

Specifically, this project aims to:

1.Provide voting software that is fully accessible through Local Area Network (LAN) of the school.

2. Provide a direct recording voting system where voters view ballots on a computer monitor and makes choices using an input device.

3. Provide results of the election that is fast, reliable and accurate.

4. Provide help guide feature to guide voters on how to use the system.

Available in different programming languages:

Visual Basic 6.0

Visual Basic .Net and C#.net

Web and Mobile Version (PHP-MySQL on the server side and Android App on the client or voter side)

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