Drugstore Point of Sale System Free Source code

Drugstore Point of Sale
Drugstore Point of Sale System Free Source code

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Drugstore Point of Sale System

It is composed by the following components:

User Friendly

This database system is very simple, practical and easy to use. With the user-friendly graphical interface, and many buttons that each represents different task, the user will find that the processes of storing and accessing Data and information are uncomplicated.


The system will automate some of the processes that user supposed to do it manually such as to compute the total bill of a customer, finds records and so on.


All finding records activities will be done by the system. The customers wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Backup and recovery

To prevent from losing Data and information, the system will have its own backup system that will be updated daily.

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  1. Rakhmad Tri Kusuma says:

    brother why invoice can’t print. when i click payment button. showing error “Data member not Found”. Please give me solution…

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