Parish Record Keeping System Free Download Source code

Parish Record Keeping System
Parish Record Keeping System Free Download Source code

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Parish Record Keeping System Free Download Source code


Records Section

Baptismal (childname, date of birth, place of birth, gender, category, father’s information, mother’s information, sponsors)

Schedule of Mass (date, time started, time ended, language, officiating priest, type of mass, description)

Priest Information (priest complete name)

Marriage Records (couple’s information such as name, date of birth, residence, place of birth, etc)

Death Records (name, address, age, relatives, minister, date of death, cemetery, celebrant at the funeral, remarks, category, amount)

Type of Mass (name of mass, description)


Student Information (student name, address, guardian, schoolyear, category)

Fees (fee name, category, amount)

Payment (student name, schoolyear, category, balance, payment, change)

Reports (Baptismal Report, Schedule of Mass)

Forms Included:

  • AboutSysFrm
  • BackupFrm
  • BackupLocFrm
  • CompanyInfo
  • EncodeDeathFrm
  • EncodeItemFrm
  • EncodeMarriageFrm
  • EncodeMassFrm
  • EncodeMassTypeFrm
  • EncodePriestFrm
  • EncodeStudentFrm
  • FeesFrm
  • ListBaptismalFrm
  • ListDeathFrm
  • ListMarriageFrm
  • ListMassFrm
  • ListMassTypeFrm
  • ListPriestFrm
  • ListStudentFrm
  • MainFrm
  • MenuFrm
  • ParishActFrm
  • PaymentFrm
  • PaymentHistoryFrm
  • PrintMass
  • RestoreDataFrm
  • SearchStudentFrm
  • SelectActFrm
  • ThereseActFrm
  • UpdateCashier



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