Mobile Based Elearning App using HTML5 and Apache Cordova

Mobile Based Elearning App using HTML5 and Apache Cordova

Disadvantages of the current traditional teaching

  1. Availability of textbooks for the students

The students do not have any textbook. For the students to study and learn the basic concepts and principles.

  1. Modules need to be photocopied

The students do not have textbook to that subject so they needed to photocopy some lessons to have an advance reading. To understand basic concepts and lessons in hardware and software discussions.

  1. Availability of Computer Laboratory

Sometimes some class cannot use computer laboratory to do an actual activities, because the other class use the computer laboratory.

Proposed system

  1. To promote the learning about the proper using of computer and understanding on how it works.
  2. This application is related to computer learning on how to operate the computer in step by step manner.
  3. The purpose of the said is to broaden the scope of the learning experience. For those who wanted to learn about computer Fundamentals.
  4. To allow this learning Mobile application to the learners to carry on learning anywhere as long as they have the application.
  5. To allow the students an advance reading and practice their knowledge using this application about to the course.

Statement of the problem

General Problem:

The research focuses on the design and creation of a mobile application for computer fundamentals subject under the Outcomes-based Education format.

Specific Problems:

  • What platform to be used in this application?
  • What specification of mobile device do we need to run the application?
  • How the users can update this Mobile learning application?
  • How to develop a well-designed application that can make the students feel like comfortable to use it?

Objectives of the Project

General objectives:

To design and the creation of a mobile application for computer fundamentals subject under the Outcomes-based Education.

Specific objectives:

  • To identify a suitable platform to be used the application.
  • To specify a suitable mobile device do to run the application.
  • To determine how the users can update the application.
  • To design and develop a well-designed application that can make the students feel like comfortable in using it.

Significance of the Study


  1. Is the direct beneficiaries to Develops knowledge in Computer fundamentals especially in Hardware and software Discussions and they can study anywhere as long as they have this application. The application will be able to help all the students to improve their knowledge about computer concepts and the instructors to improve their teaching about computer fundamentals using the application.
  2. Future Researcher. They can improve the application by updating new lessons about the computer fundamentals.
  3. Computer instructors can use the application to improve the teaching of the subject computer fundamentals. And they can use this mobile learning to get some questions for their fellow students while having a discussions regards to the topics. Because the instructor’s main role is to deliver and prepare the information, guide the students and support to be a future IT professionals someday.

Scope and limitation of the Project

Mobile learning is a very broad field of research that needs a comprehensive and detailed investigation, so it is hard to collect the real reflection about the mobile learning system. Different pilot projects are in testing phases so we have to be contented with the data available by the teachers and students associated with these projects.

Mobile devices have several limitations, for example: small display, limited keyboard, small memory, difficult navigation, operating system etc. Moreover different devices have different features to support services and sometimes certain services are unavailable on some specific devices. Similarly, mobile networks are also of different types and offer different services. Some features may vary from network to network and it creates problem while talking about mobile learning. But all these problems are out of our scope and we will only discuss the importance of the mobile e-learning and its impacts on the learning system within the specific subject.

Development Tools:

jQuery Mobile or AngularIonic, Apache Cordova



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