Online Grading System with Online and SMS Grade Inquiry

Online Grading System with Online and SMS Grade Inquiry

Grading System with Online and SMS Grade Inquiry is an exercise in the professional judgment on the part of the teachers. The system is very liable and faster and more usable if it is made online. Using this system gives advantages to the parents or a guardian for it allows them to view the performance of his/her child through online, anytime, anywhere provided there is an internet connection.

Specific Objectives

1.       To develop a system that compute grades correctly.

2.       To develop a system that will monitor the attendance of students.

3.       To develop a system that the parents can easily access their child’s:

·         Grades

·         Exam

·         Quizzes

·         Class Participation

·         Homework

·         Project

·         Informal/Formal

·         Experiment

·         Attendance

Scope and Limitations


·         It can store student grades in every school year.

·         The system can add students and teachers.

·         Only the administrator can assign the subjects and class of the teachers.

·         The system can generate reports.

·         The system let the parents view their child’s grades and performance.

·         The Inquiry System can show the breakdown of grades for every subject in each grading period.

·         The administrator can manage subjects and instructors records.


·         If the instructor submitted the wrong grades of a student the system is not liable for human error.

·         The system cannot generate ID number of students.

·         The system does not cover the Statement of Accounts.

·         The system is not part or used during enrollment

·         Encoding of student record comes after student master list is finalized

 Database Schema

.tblteacher(id, idnumber, username, password, fullname, contact)

tblteacherclass(id, teacherid, gradeid, subjectid, schoolyear)

tblteacherstudent(id, classid, teacherid, studentid)

tblparents(id, username, password, fullname, contact)

tblstudent(id, idnumber, username, password, fullname, age, gender, contact, gradeid, parentsid, parentspasscode)

tblsubject(id, subjectname, subjectcode)

tblgradelevel(id, gradelevel)

tblperiodicrating(id, periodicrating(1stgrading to 4thgrading))

tblgradingcriteria(id, gradingcriteria) ex. Attendance, Exam, etc.

tblgrade(id, teacherclassid, periodicid, grade)

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery, AJAX, iTexMo SMS API


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