Web Based Accounting System using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap 4

Web Based Accounting System using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap 4

Proposed System

The researchers of the system entitled Web Based Accounting System aimed to make transaction in the establishment more convenient, faster and easier for the management and customers. The system will also lessen the work of personnel in charge because when encoding all data transaction by the customer the record can be automatically save to the inventory system and the data in the database can be printed out to be past the summary of the reports to the manager for signing of signature and the manager will past the reports to the main office.

In this proposed system, the proponents made some improvement on the current system. The current system is a manual system and requires much effort.

The proposed Web Based Accounting System can make a quick process for recording, making inventory, encoding data, summarizing reports regarding all about accounting process. In addition, the owner and the manager of the resort can view and retrieve on the record of income for a week, month and for a year and he or she also determine the number of the customer entered in the resorts for a particular day.

System Implementation

The proposed Web Based Accounting System was presented to the end users. A trainer from the group of researchers provided questionnaire to answer questions, clarification and difficulties that might be encountered upon operating the system.

Web Based Accounting System was designed and developed by the researchers to solve problems and difficulties encountered in the operation of the current system. If implemented, this would make their transactions fast and the user may take less effort in making arrangements and reservations. Finally, user’s suggestions and ideas shall be recognized for further enhancement and improvement of the system.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To improve the manual system to computerized accounting system.
  2. Accurate and up-to-date accounting, inventory and statutory records.
  3. Tends to be more accurate, faster to use, and less subject to error than its manual counterpart.
  4. To create a system that the management can see anytime the record of accounting and their income of resort in easily way.
  5. To provide fast, accurate and efficient way of inquiring all information explains and answer all costumer’s inquiries, encoding all data through their accounting process.
  6. The filling of data is easily and fast, so work can be done speedy and in time.
  7. To develop the system by the use of computer technology; all records save in database and it can be printed the summary of reports and to be past to the manager and also to the main office.
  8. To evaluate the system using ISO 9126 standard for software development.

Significance of the Study

The management, customers and proponents will benefit from this system.

Management. When the study results satisfactory, this will lead to more improvement of the business process because it can help the owner to organized, summarized, analyzed, interpreted their records.

Costumer. Using the system customer will find it more ease to transact with the personnel.

Proponents. If this research prospers, the proponents will significantly benefit from it. This study will make them fully understand their work and sharpen their knowledge.

Project Plan

In this study, the researchers used the software development life cycle (SDLC) an overall process of software development which consists of six cycles.

First, the determination requirements. Which the researchers determine the proposed system requirements such as software and hardware to be used.

Second is gathering data. The researchers conduct interviews to the management office to gather the data important information for the system.

Third is analyzing data. The data analyzed by the researchers was analyzed to be able to identify the necessary information needed in the development of the system and feasible solution to it.

Fourth, phase is designing. The researchers designed the system that specifies the desire futures. Defined the specification and operation in detail and made the conceptual model of user requirements whose blocks of codes where produced. This is a systematic approach to create a design by application of set of techniques and guidelines.

Fifth is coding. The researchers will be encoding the codes with the help of a technical expert to check if there are errors and to debug the program. The system was also tested using incorrect data to determine the reliability of the system. Maintaining the system is also part of it.

Database Schema

tblCustomer (id, lname, fname, mname, contact, address)

tblCategory (id, categoryname, description)

tblRates (id, feename, description, price, categoryid)

tblTransaction (id, orno, totalamount, date, processedby)

tbltransactiondetails (id, transactionid, rateid, qty, subtotal)

tblUser (id, fullname, contact, address, username, password, usercategory(admin,cashier))

Development Tools

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap4

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