Educational Learning Game for Science Subject using Unity

Educational Learning Game for Science Subject using Unity

Project Context

In many elementary schools, getting attention of students towards the class could be difficult because most students give less time in paying attention in the class especially if they do not really like the subject. They have no time in studying because playing around occupies their time and sometimes playing handy video games or other computer games  that gives them no educational knowledge.

The methods of imparting education have also changed accordingly – teaching aids have become an integral part of good classroom practices. The types and effectiveness of such teaching aids vary greatly. Among the more recent ones is educational gaming. These are very popular with children for obvious reasons; educators and parents, however, may not be as enthusiastic about letting a child ‘learn’ through a computer game. However, these games are a lot more effective than they realize.

The development of Educational Computer games gives benefit to children as they belong to a society that was exposed to Technology. Learning games gives them entertainment and helps them to achieve higher academic grades in their subjects.

Researchers today have found that computer games could become part of the school curriculum after they found that learning games had significant educational value because of their ability to captivate player attention and hold it for lengthy periods of time as players learn to master game complexes and accomplish objectives.

Thus, this project is focused on the development of eLearning game for science subject to be used by the teacher as one of the teaching tools in teaching the students as well as a learning tool to students. The environments of this game could provide one-on-one learning experiences for the students.

The software includes important features such as games, videos, and iFacts. The target users of the developed system are the administrator, teachers, and the students. The system requires a log-in and log-out process for the administrators for security purposes. The administrator can access all features of the system such as back-up data, quiz settings, change password, manage questions, manage iFacts feature, and the score settings. The system administrator can update the videos and questions.

This project is significant to the following:

Students. This project serves as a supplementary tool for learning of the students taking up Science subject . Through this learning game, it will be easy for them to understand their lessons and improve their academic performance in Science subject. It will also give students full entertainment and enhance their interest towards the said subject.

Teachers. Through this project, the teachers will be equipped with a teaching and learning tool that will be used in delivering the lessons using computer games. The teachers will be provided with easier and powerful learning games that they could use as another method in teaching Science subject.

Other Researchers. The project serves as another source of information for other researchers. It could be a great help for them in analyzing, interpreting and gives them an idea in investigating study regarding learning game development.

Researchers. This study will give the researchers the opportunity to further develop their skills in system design and development. This study will also improve the research and writing skills of the researchers.


Computer has become an important tool for keeping databases, filing systems, and track records. It has made record keeping much easier than ever it was. It has made the learning and testing of knowledge extremely easy and enjoyable. It can be done in a single click of mouse unlike the traditional way of conducting the test of the knowledge of students. The Fun and Learning Game in Science 6 is an alternative way of giving quizzes to the students which makes it more interesting and enjoyable in their subject.

Educational Learning Game for Science Subject is accessible and it can be installed in a standalone computer. The teacher stand’s as an admin of the said learning game. The teacher must register their username and password in order to access, and the one who is responsible to the settings of the learning game. The student may access and use the game directly Educational Learning Game for Science Subject was developed using a modified Waterfall Model in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like waterfall) through the phases of Conception, Initiation Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Production, implementation and Maintenance. Educational Learning Game for Science Subject will create a great impact and best effect both in the teacher and student. Therefore, the researcher concluded that the implementation of the project would provide more interactive process between the students and teacher.

To empower the learning and strengthen the interest in gaining knowledge of every student the researcher recommended that the Educational Learning Game for Science Subject should implement.

Development Tools:

Unity Personal

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