Patients Medical and Dental Record System

Patients Medical and Dental Record System


Due to manual process, some significant errors cannot be avoided. Patients Medical and Dental Record System is a kind of system that will greatly improve the productivity of medical personnel. It provides guidance and support decision to prevent errors and effectiveness of services. This system can also provide easy data retrieval, record keeping, a quarterly and annual graphical report of health record report that is needed for decision making and a real time records for the management.

The implementation of Patients Medical and Dental Record System could help the dental and medical clinic of the school for this could assist the organization to make new involvement and health programs that give exact and valuable services that are system supported decisions.

Patients Medical and Dental Record System


This study aims to develop a capable and helpful Patients Medical and Dental Record System which includes the faculty, staff and students. Specifically it intends to:

  1. Produce computerized record and report of a patient’s clinical and dental information accurately.
  2. Record quickly the profile of patients.
  3. Monitor the medical and oral health examination result easily.
  4. Provide the users to easily access to patient records with in the school health clinic.
  5. Provide safety and privacy of the patient’s clinical and dental records.
  6. Monitor the common and uncommon illness of the patients.
  7. Produce inventory of prescribing and dispensing medicines.

Scope and Limitation

            The system is able to:

  1. Store all record regarding the health of students and staff/faculty.
  2. Hold all confidential data of the patient’s past diagnoses.
  3. Improve record legibility.
  4. Produce patient’s history, health records daily log, medicine log and medicine inventory reports.


Patients (Students, Faculty and Staff) – through the use of this system, the patients will be able to get or retrieved their personal records in less time.

Nurse and Administration of the clinic – it will be easy for them to track and analyze the records of their patients.

System Modules:

Manages Patients Health Record Information (Medical and Dental Records).

Manage Courses (create, update and delete courses).

Records Transaction such as the diagnostic and treatment given to patients as well as the medicines given to them.

Reports on Patients Health Log History – includes the date and the treatment given to them.

Daily Log Report – reports on the daily activities and accomplishments.

Inventory Report on medicines.

Reports on the number of occurrences of illnesses (with chart).

Project Proponents:

Project Manager

Supervises and monitors the entire project activities and its development

System Analyst

Responsible for researching, planning and recommending software and system choices to meet an organization’s business requirements.


Creates the source codes for the development of proposed system. Must be expert with the programming language to be used in the development of the system.


Further researchers on the content and other studies related to current system being developed.

Development Tools:

Patients Medical and Dental Record System in Visual Basic and MS Access

This is the stand-alone version of the system in which it will only be installed and used in 1 computer unit.

Web-Based Patients Medical and Dental Record System

This is the web or browser based version of the application.

The following are the development tools used in the web version:

PHP – scripting language
MySQL -database
HTML,CSS,Javascript – design and layout of the application

It will be later converted to mobile application (windows and android app)

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