Review of Related Literature and Studies of Hotel Reservation System


This chapter presents the review of related literature and studies that supports the theories and concepts that are discussed in the study.


Here in the Philippines, the biggest hotels are using the same technology. But, in some far flung provinces, some hotels are still using manual reservation system. They use signage and some print advertisements for their marketing; and log books and some paper works to record customers’ data. Hotel reservations systems, commonly known as Online Reservation System is a computerized system that stores and distributes information of a hotel or other lodging facilities. It is an assistant for hoteliers to manage all of their online marketing and sales, where they can upload their rates and availability to be seen by all sales channels that are using an online reservation system. Sales channels may include conventional travel agencies as well as online travel agencies. Hotelier using an online reservation system eases his or her tasks for online distribution, because an ORS does everything to distribute.

Online hotel or resort reservations are becoming a very popular method for booking hotel or resort rooms. Travelers can book rooms from home by using online security to protect their privacy and financial information and by using several online travel agents to compare prices and facilities at different hotels.

Most of the hotels and pension houses are now using an automated booking system which helps them to organized better, easy, secured, effective, fastest way to serve customers; technologies are now very important to our society because it provides us to have more reliable and comfortable life, that can improved people’s techniques, procedures and ideas on how to works automation system.

Booking system refers to the systematic registration of the names and other customers’ information who wanted to check-in and use some facilities and services.  It is the used resource management and booking system for customers and other transactions (source).

Automation of booking system effectiveness is that it helps to the manager, employees and customers to make it more easier and successful one. These are the advantages of automated booking system; first in terms of speed, they can process information much more quickly than humans. This means they are good for controlling machinery that might need to be adjusted instantly. Then secondly is repetition, automated systems can do the same task over and over again without getting bored, needing breaks or making mistakes. Third is accuracy, they can do very detailed work and follow precise instructions without error. Fourth is safety,  automated systems can work in places where it would be unsafe to put a human, for example, in a nuclear power plant, under water or in space. Fifth is efficiency, they get more done than humans but cost less to operate. This is because they do need breaks, wages, holidays, canteens, heating and lighting. The quality of the work done is always of the same standard being materials are not wasted due to human error. Sixth is adaptability, automated systems can be reprogrammed to do different tasks.


Asupra, (2001), studied an automated system of billing and reservation for “Pearl Manor Pension House” Incorporated. After a careful study by the researchers it has been found out that the employees’ encounters problem with their present system, these problems are:  a. time consuming in processing check-in. b. delayed computation of bills and c. time consuming processing of reservation. After a careful study of the current system of Pearl Manor Pension House, Incorporated, the group came with a conclusion to; automate their system. The automation of the system will give advantages to the company because it will make the computation of bills a lot easier and more accurate. Processing is faster and more convenient for both the user and clients. The results of interviews and research study that was conducted by the researchers lead to form a recommendation of automating the billing and reservation system of the company. The system will be the one responsible to process all the transactions.

Cagalawan, (2003), studied and proposed an online hotel reservation for Bacolod Executive Inn. The findings of the study stressed that some problems exist in their current system namely: a. time delay in updating email reservation processing, b. difficulties in confirmation of the availability of rooms in walk and telephone reservation and c. report generation is time consuming. As the result of investigation and observation to the existing reservation procedures, the group came with a conclusion that the Bacolod Executive Inn particularly the reservation must be developed through an online system for their better service. It will provide advantages in the part of the establishment because it will increase the number of customers, minimize the workload of the personnel and the generation of reports on time, and will provide promotion to the establishment through the website that will highlight the quality of service they offer. After a detailed study, the researcher’s recommendation is based on the accurate and relevant information from the data gathered. The proposed on-line reservation system for the Bacolod Executive Inn provides better service to the customers. The researcher’s recommendation is based on the accurate and relevant information from the data gathered. It could improve its current operation as soon as the proposed systems implementation would take place.

Deog (2007), studied an online catering reservation system of Humprey’s Grill and Restobar. After careful investigation including interviews and actual observation, the researchers found out that the manual operation of the said restobar encountered so many problems more on processing of catering reservation transaction with the customers and delays on the process of request.  Moreover, the management of Humprey’s Grill and Restobar is facing difficulties in their catering reservation system such as the processing the catering reservation transaction. The researchers concluded that the proposed system for Humprey’s Grill and Restobar will be a big help to the management because it provides an efficient and precise processing of catering reservation that makes the work faster. When it comes to the catering reservation transaction, the system will function accurately and come up with its required output facing any difficulties unlike with their manual catering system.  And for this reason, the researchers highly recommended the online catering reservation system which will be easy, faster and efficient to process their catering reservation transaction with the customer.

Bernasol et al.(2007) focus their study on GNQ and Tours (Granor Norna Quidato). They found out that the company encounters problems such as their clients have a hard time in making reservation that’s why they can’t accommodate large number of clients. Based on the analysis of data gathered and observations, the researcher concluded that the current reservation process of GNQ Travel and Tours is less efficient. It requires more time and effort in reserving a ticket. The researchers proposed an online Ticket Reservation to ensure faster and more efficient way of delivering a ticket. With this, the agency can provide better and fast services.

Maridable, (2009), studied an automated reservation and booking system for Jaunts and Journeys Travel Center. The researchers found out that the company is still using a manual system and experiencing a delays in their transactions, processes and operations specifically in the generation and of reports, computation of payment, user authentication, and costing of payments.


Booking system is a systematic registration of information and transactions. It contains the lists of all the records from the customers for future use. It provides permanent evidences and sources of records about the recorded transactions.

Online Reservation System is a computerized system stores and distributes information of a hotel and it assists hoteliers on improving marketing and sales online. In addition, it increases processing of information, repetition important processes and provides accurate results. This system also secures all the transactions for booking which would result to customer’s satisfactions.

Booking and Reservation system refers to the act of registering the names and other information of their customers. Computerization of their booking system helps the manager and employees to complete their tasks effectively.

Finally, it aims to create a system or a program that will help the management of the said hotel to manage all their transactions with ease.

Hotel and Pension houses have many recorded transactions that need to be processed immediately for them to create their reports. As the establishment is improving, the increasing number of transactions recorded sometimes results to problem of data retrieval, delay of processing transactions, and security of keeping the data.  These are some of the instances which show that the manual system used by the management of Hotels and Pension houses brings problems and difficulties to their daily transactions.


Hotel and Pension houses have been using manual booking system of recording transactions. The researchers used the descriptive method of research to collect information to the respondents about the current booking system. Having a computerized or electronic booking system gives an advantage to the owner of the hotel than to stick to the current manual booking system. It takes too much time to record the customer’s data and other transactions. In manual booking system the security of the records is low. This study aims to provide the staffs, managers and especially the owner of Hotel and Pension houses an effective, fast, and convenient way of recording the (Check-in-Check-out) of the customers in Hotel and Pension houses. This will lead to the improvement of the current system they are using and for the advancement of the establishment. Hotel and Pension houses must have a better and effective system for keeping and retrieving of their records. It will contribute to the success of the business and to gain the trust of their customers.

This study focuses only for the Automation of Booking (Check-In-Check-Out) Record System and Reservation of Hotel and Pension houses. The proposed system emphasizes only on the reservation check-in and check-out procedure of the customer. Persons involved for the implementation of this study are specifically the manager, staff members. It is also concerned to the owner of the pension house for him/her to be well- informed of the proposed system.

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