Alumni Information System with Mobile App Support

Alumni Information System with Mobile App Support

System Implementation and Mechanics

The Online Database Alumni Information System with Mobile App Support is a social networking system intended to communicate to the alumni of the school.  The office keeps track the records and up-date it from time to time.

The features of the proposed system include the following: Online Registration (1.0), Information Services (2.0), Gallery (3.0), and Database Maintenance (4.0).

Online Registration (1.0) was designed specifically to facilitate the registration of alumni in the system over the Internet. It includes all the data of the alumni in order for them to navigate all the sub menus.

Information Services (2.0) facilitate the Chat, Forum, Information Board (Calendar of Events), and Online Help.

Gallery (3.0) was designed such that the alumni office and alumni members of the school can upload images and videos of activities of the school.

Forum page enables the user to choose different topics provided users can join the discussion as well as send request. The users have the authority to reply to any discussion. The menus also allow the users to search for their co-alumni in the forum section. Users can also sort names by username and sort in ascending or descending order.

Gallery page wherein users can upload photos, here they can create their own folder where they can they can save their entire picture.

Chat page, In  here alumni can communicate to each other if they are both online. User must use their account to use this menu.

Log-in form is one of the menus in the system. It prompts the user to enter the user name and password for their access. Alumni can be a member if they had signed up and provided necessary information in the alumni profile. For those who are not a member of the system they cannot access the entire menu in the site.

User can also search their batch mate using the menu search a soon as they fund it out they can view the profile of it but will not be able to edit the information.

Help page contain the procedure and guide on how to use different menus of the system.

Alumni Profile page which contains all the important alumni information, such as their Personal Data and Contact information wherein they can update their own profile.

Database Maintenance (4.0) allow the system administrator to manage data and backup the system.


System Description

Alumni Information System is a social networking system intended for the alumni to communicate and be updated about the school,

The alumni and the administrator is the authorized person to use the system. It has its own security to protect the information and data of the alumni only. It also contains updated information board for the alumni that include events, career service opportunities and others.

The system has its own private chatting area, gallery for pictures and also forum.

System Technicalities

This shows the network architecture of the system. The Alumni Information System with Mobile App Support shall adapt the Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity and uses a Client-Server Topology and will have a backup server which is intended to provide secondary storage for data in case of breakdown of the main server.

The Alumni Information System with Mobile App Support software can be accessed by authorized users over the Internet from other computer or home networks through any web browser.

The back-end user will have the access rights of a system administrator and the front-end users are the alumni of the school and the alumni association officer. The alumni must be a registered user to be able to access other features of the system. In registering they need to sign up on the system and provide the needed information and the system administrator will enable their accounts and automatically they are registered user.



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