School Management System User’s Manual (Manual of Operation)

School Management System - Student Ledger Module
School Management System User’s Manual (Manual of Operation)

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School Management System User’s Manual (Manual of Operation)

Admin Account

  1. How to Manage Cashier Staff (create, update, delete)
  2. How to Manage Registrar Staff (create, update, delete)
  3. How to Manage School year (create, update, delete)
  4. How to Manage Sections (create, update, delete)
  5. How to Manage Subjects (create, update, delete)
  6. How to Manage Teacher Subjects (create, update, delete)
  7. How to Manage Teachers (create, update, delete)
  8. How to Manage Year Level (create, update, delete)
  9. How to Set Class Advisory (set teacher advisory)

Cashier Account

  1. Accept Payment (manage student payments)
  2. How to Manage Fees (create, update, delete)
  3. Print Collectibles (generate collectible report)
  4. Print List of Payment (generate payment list)

Enrollment Account

  1. Enrollment Stat by male female per class (generate master list report by class)
  2. Manage Enrollment
  3. Population per school Year (generate population report)
  4. View Enrolled Student (list of enrolled students)

Registrar Account

  1. How to Manage Students (create, update, delete)
  2. Manage Enrollment

Student Information System

  1. Display Balance (view student balance)
  2. Display Credentials Passed (view credentials)
  3. Display Grade (view grades)

User Accounts

Username: admin

Password: admin

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