Capstone Project Ideas for IT and IS October 2021

Capstone Project Ideas for IT and IS October 2021

The below have been selected into several categories according to their relationship to various operating areas and industries. The information in a collection of Capstone Project ideas offered by our team is included in this post. The capstone projects listed this article may be helpful to future scholars who are trying to come up with unique capstone project ideas.

  1. Webinar Course Management System Free Bootstrap Template

The suggested system will serve as a centralized platform through which webinar facilitators and their members will benefit from a more straightforward and convenient platform for webinar management. The facilitators can handle the details of the webinar, such as the schedule, the topic, the speaker, the meeting link, and any other necessary information for the webinar to go well. Members of the system who have registered will also be able to obtain critical information about the webinar in a timely and accessible manner. They can easily participate in the scheduled webinars by just clicking on the link provided.

Webinar Course Management System Free Bootstrap Template - Issued Certificates
Webinar Course Management System Free Bootstrap Template – Issued Certificates
  1. Fingerprint Indexing and Verification Capstone Project

The deployment and use of fingerprint indexing and verification in the safekeeping of important documents is the subject of this research paper. As a result of the digitalization of the world, fingerprint identification systems are now being used not only in crime prevention but also in a variety of civilian applications all over the world, including hospitals.

  1. eCommerce Website in Django Free Source code

To solve the concerns in the manual process, the researchers proposed that the eCommerce Website be developed in Django programming language. Aiming to replace traditional retail with electronic commerce, the project will see the transition of traditional retail businesses to electronic commerce. Product sales and purchases will be conducted entirely online. Companies will be able to expand their retail operations and services as a result of the platform. Because of the ease with which consumers can purchase products through the system, they can reach many customers. The use of an eCommerce website is particularly advantageous at this time, given that we are amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which restricts our ability to venture outside our homes. Consumers will be able to purchase their necessities online through the system, which will provide a convenient platform. The system is simple to use, efficient, and dependable, and it helps streamline sales and purchasing processes. The Ecommerce website will improve the overall operational efficiency of the company and the overall customer experience and satisfaction of its customers.

eCommerce Website in Django - Customer Homepage
eCommerce Website in Django – Customer Homepage
  1. Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App

The capstone project, Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App, was developed to address the issues identified in integrating Mother Tongue into the Filipino educational system. This program will be interactive, and it will include features that will assist students in expanding their knowledge and understanding of their native mother tongue as they progress through the program. This application will benefit both students and teachers in that it will provide them with a wealth of information about their respective local dialects. The program will be straightforward to use and comprehend, ensuring that it benefits teachers, students, and their parents. The application will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of the children’s requirements, and it will provide numerous benefits to all parties involved.

  1. Fish Pond Water Quality Monitoring System

The researchers researched to design, develop, and implement a Fish Pond Water Quality Monitoring System. This system can monitor the water quality, which is critical for understanding measurement reactions and their effects on fish feeding, growth, and health. The system was also designed to be user-friendly. Every water attribute may not reveal much on its own, but when many factors are combined, they can show various processes in the pond or body of water in general. Keeping track of water quality changes and making quick decisions will allow fish pond owners to keep track of changes and implement appropriate actions in the shortest possible time.

  1. RiddleApp Android Application

Known in Filipino as “Bugtong,” a riddle is a statement, question, or phrase that contains a double or hidden meaning and compels the reader or listener to respond somehow. These puzzles require people, particularly children, to think critically and imaginatively to figure out the solution to them. Riddles can be simple, complex, or simply for entertainment purposes. Puzzles are typically discovered in books and other previously published materials that are not always readily available or accessible to the general public. People who want to spend more time-solving riddles are discouraged because it takes time and effort to locate riddle materials, which is not always available.

  1. Online Exam and Learning Management System

The system is a cutting-edge system that will allow for the continuation of traditional examinations and classes. Teachers and students will benefit from the system because it will make it easier and simpler to conduct tests and classes. Lessons and quizzes can be uploaded into the system by teachers for the benefit of the students. Students would only need to register in the system to participate in classes and sit for examinations. The online platform is highly efficient, dependable, and user-friendly. It is also highly affordable.

Online Exam and Learning Management System
  1. Online Consultation and Medical Subscription

Using this study as a basis, the researchers developed and implemented an Online Consultation and Medical Subscription service.  The system received positive responses from both the respondents and the target end-users regarding user acceptability, effectiveness, reliability, productivity, and overall quality. The potential of the system has been recognized by the vast majority of those who have responded. After considering all of their findings, the researchers concluded that the Online Consultation and Medical Subscription is a valuable tool for assisting end-users in obtaining more reliable and convenient consultations.

  1. VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App

The project fills a void left by the demise of the traditional storytelling method. The app creates evolutions and adds new features to narrating stories to make it more effective. With the proposed project application, the children will discover that reading is an engaging and exciting activity. The system will be developed following the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology. To test and validate the system, the researchers will recruit many students, teachers, and other end-users to participate in the study. IT specialists will examine the system to make adjustments. The researchers will make improvements to the system in response to the advice of the experts.

  1. QR Code Digital Vaccine Certification Capstone Project

Due to the implementation of the QR Code-based vaccine certificate, concerns about the reliability and validity of vaccine cards will be alleviated to some extent. Every detail about a vaccine recipient’s health will be stored in a centralized government database. This will include the recipient’s name, vaccine brand, where the vaccine was administered, and any other pertinent information. A QR-Code will be generated for each person who has received the vaccine, which they can use for whatever purpose they require it for, such as obtaining a travel pass or obtaining a work permit in a foreign land. The article includes the abstract, introduction of the study, objectives of the study and many more.

  1. TrabahoFinder Mobile and Web Application for Job Searching and Posting

This research focuses on the development of a mobile and web application that will allow job seekers and employers to search for and post job openings, respectively, on mobile devices. The proposed application is only intended to be used for job searching and job posting purposes. The researchers will compile a representative sample of employers and job seekers who will be asked to participate in the study as respondents. The article contains example contents that you may use in your capstone project related to job searching platform.

  1. Gym Management System using CakePHP

The system will aid gym owners and managers in the administration of the entire operation of the facility. The system will electronically streamline the management of members, staff, trainers, expenses, payment, and all other aspects of the gym’s business operations. It will replace manual operation processes with electronic ones, thereby eliminating the need for them. The system will improve the overall efficiency of the gym’s operations as well as the overall customer experience of its members.

  1. Crowd Funding Platform Free Bootstrap Template

The capstone project on crowd funding system is intended to enable entrepreneurs to raise secure business funds from the general public. New business initiatives that need to raise small sums of money to get their ideas off the ground will benefit greatly from this project. Entrepreneurs can advertise their campaign or business idea to entice people to donate money to their cause or business idea. In exchange, the crowd will be able to obtain the campaign’s participation agreement. The crowd funding platform is extremely beneficial for new business ventures and startups because it allows them to raise funds quickly. Free source code of the template is available to download.

Crowd Funding Platform Free Bootstrap Template - Raised per month
Crowd Funding Platform Free Bootstrap Template – Raised per month
  1. Accounting Management System in Laravel

This project, called “Accounting Management System in Laravel,” is an advanced accounting system that was developed using the Laravel framework. The system will greatly simplify the process of tracking and maintaining financial information for a business. The expenses, invoicing, and other financial transactions of the company will be managed through the use of this project. Visit the article to view more details and information about the project.

  1. Courier System in PHP

The researchers proposed the “Courier System in PHP” project as a response to the concerns raised in the previous section. An application software program that would assist courier companies in having an effective management tool for cargo deliveries is being proposed as part of this project. The system will be used for a variety of tasks, including managing the details of delivery, tracking, and scheduling of couriered items, analyzing courier performance, and providing updates to customers. The system will also function as a platform through which the customer or the owner of the package will be able to access information about the package that is being delivered. The client can keep track of the progress of the couriered item by logging into the system. Credits to the developers of this project.

  1. Telemedicine Online Platform Free Bootstrap Template

Medical consultation, diagnosis, and prescriptions will be provided online through the Telemedicine Online Platform, which is a database-driven system that will eliminate the need for patients to travel to a hospital for treatment. The system will assist in streamlining the donation process in an efficient manner. Another free template provided by our team and feel free to download and use it.

Telemedicine Online Platform Free Bootstrap Template - Doctor Dashboard
Telemedicine Online Platform Free Bootstrap Template – Doctor Dashboard
  1. Food Donation Services Free Download Template Source code

Many companies’ operations are being automated as a result of information technology, which is helping them to become more efficient. Another is the automation of food donation and distribution management, which is currently in the process of being implemented. The capstone project, titled “Food Donation Services,” is a platform for facilitating transactions between food groups, donors, and recipients of food donations. As a result of the project, food banks will be able to respond to a wider range of food donations and food assistance requests in a more timely and effective manner. The template was written in Bootstrap and you may download it for free.

  1. Service Selling Platform in Laravel

A single point of contact for marketing and inquiring about a variety of services will be provided by the system under consideration. The aforementioned platform would act as a bridge for automated transactions between a variety of service providers and their respective clients. The ability to provide services electronically allows service providers to reach a larger audience while also simplifying transactional processes. The requirement for customers to physically visit establishments in order to receive the services they desire would likewise be eliminated. For both service providers and clients, the automated marketplace for services is a realistic alternative that offers major advantages and ease. You may contact the developers of the said project for more information about the project.

  1. Online Birth Certificate Processing System with SMS Notification Free Bootstrap Template

This research focuses on the development of a web-based platform for the processing of birth certificates. Streamlining transactions between the PSA office and its clients is the scope of the project. The system will enable the electronic submission of birth certificate requests, as well as the verification, approval, and processing of original birth certificate copies. The project also includes an SMS notification system that will alert the client when their request has reached a certain stage. The researchers will prepare a representative sample of PSA employees and their clients who will be asked to participate in the survey as respondents. In this content, you can download the source code of the template and revise it based on your desired output.

Online Birth Certificate Processing System with SMS Notification Free Bootstrap Template
Online Birth Certificate Processing System with SMS Notification Free Bootstrap Template
  1. Web and Mobile Medicine Information System Capstone Project

This article will give an example of the documentation about the capstone project medicine information. The “Web and mobile medicine information system” was created in order to solve a gap, obstacles, and issues that existed in the medical business at the time of its development, specifically, access to information in medicine. Medical terminology nowadays is so difficult to pronounce, explain, and comprehend that even medical professionals are unable to provide exact information about the medicine to patients in a way that they can comprehend it quickly.


Technology is often regarded as the driving force behind the transformation that has occurred in a variety of businesses and institutions. The world has been significantly altered as a result of information technology. A capstone project is a culminating work that students do during the final year of their academic journey or after their academic program, depending on the situation. To propose solutions to current problems, issues, and concerns, the capstone project’s primary goal is to collect and analyze data. The capstone project that students complete is based on their area of expertise and must incorporate the knowledge they have obtained through their courses or programs, among other things.

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