VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App

VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App


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Children are more engrossed in digital devices than in books or other written things in this digital age. Kids prefer to read and listen to stories at a faster, more engaging pace. They appreciate listening to a narrative if the storyteller tells it in a more authentic manner, which implies the characters’ voices, should be more engaging and attractive. Unfortunately, some storytellers find it difficult to develop because they lack some talent in imitating the characters, which is one of the reasons why children prefer to listen to stories rather than see them. To take advantage of modern technologies and to address the aforementioned challenges in keeping children’s attention while reading and listening to stories, the researcher of the project entitled “VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App” to develop aid to end the arising problem of this certain event. The App has different features that allow kids to interact and enjoy the story.

The project fills a void left by the old method of storytelling. To improve the present technique of narrating stories, the app creates evolutions and adds additional features. The kids will discover that reading is engaging and interesting with the proposed project application. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method will be used to develop the system. To test and check the system, the researchers will gather a sample size of participating students, teachers, and other end users. To make adjustments, IT specialists will examine the system. Based on the advice of the experts, the researchers will improve the system.

VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App
VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App


The existences of mobile technologies are indeed purposeful and interactive. Through mobile applications, people can able to adapt the manual ways into a single application where everything is techno and digital-based. Whatever events, processes, related-schoolwork, office works can now be put into an application and make life’s burden easier. This project called “VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App” deals with telling stories in an advanced concept and telling it to the next level. This application enhances the way we tell stories to the children and others educational value books. This project aimed to provide a reading application that is out of the ordinary, more fun, and interactive so that children will engage more in reading stories and wake up their interest in reading.

Children should be exposed to reading to stimulate brain functions. Unfortunately, kids lose interest in reading, particularly if they read in books, which causes them to become bored and exhausted fast. Parents also find it difficult to hold their children’s attention while telling stories because most of them cannot imitate voices and make natural facial expressions when animating the stories. This is where technology proves to be beneficial. Make it one of the reasons why this project develop. To bridge the gap between the old storytelling tradition and digital innovation, the way we conceive the story through imagination, in this project we somehow are become of the story in which children can fully understand and will able to engage in listening and reading stories. Aside from hearing the stories children can be able to interact with the characters and they even become part of the story which is interesting and fun. The VR application stores different kinds of stories for children and includes some learning materials for the kids.

Proposed Solution

The “VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App” is designed to address the existing gap, issues, and concerns described in the project. This is to emphasize the importance of reading and telling stories to children in a more enjoyable manner. The project’s goal is to create a medium for telling stories that would appeal to children and encourage them to read and listen to stories. The project transformed the traditional method of reading and telling stories into a more immersive and engaging experience. The project will serve as the storyteller with a real experience and showcasing characters into reality, this is to experience children the stories in a real concept. Aside from hearing the story, they can also be part of it and will watch the story flows itself. This is the main point of the Virtual reality of telling stories; it is to provide an image, real characters, and emotion into reality. In this way children engage with the characters – and ultimately, they’ll engage with them.

Objectives of the Study

General objective– generally the project aimed to develop a platform that enhances the traditional way of telling stories into a more creative and experience wherein the storyteller becomes the audience itself.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To create a medium of telling a story that provokes the emotion of the audience.
  2. To be able to conduct a real experience of telling stories wherein the kids or an audience will become part of the story.
  3. The project aims to produce a new way of telling a story to improve children’s reading experiences and optimize the value they can derive from reading.
  4. To develop an idea on telling stories that do not require books but instead a device that tells stories into way more interactive and let the audience connect to the characters and the story.
  5. To provide an application on making the kids or the audience be one of the characters and become the storyteller.

Scope of the Study

The project is not limited to children; it also applies to adults who have a child’s heart. However, the VRStories Virtual Reality Story Telling App project is primarily focused on children that learning through stories. The goal of the project was to create a virtual reality experience for telling stories, with more animations, dynamic pictures, and narrating stories with moving characters, all while bringing the story to life. The project will include all features that enhance the traditional method of presenting stories. The application project was created to rekindle children’s interest in reading and telling stories. To make the story more entertaining, engaging, and imaginative. Children become more participatory in storytelling as a result of the initiatives, and they learn while having fun.

Significance of the Study

The project’s success is vital to the following persons or groups.

Children/Kids: children will benefit from the project, for they will be able to learn at the same time enjoy the story. It will enhance vocabulary, the children’s sensory. The youngsters become more than just observers or listeners as they interact with the characters. They develop a better comprehension of the story as they actively participate in it. Aside from these advantages, animating stories stimulate children’s imaginations and instill in them a strong desire to read.

Storyteller: The project’s success will only reduce their efforts and assist them in reducing their labor in getting the students to listen to them. They would not have to bother with making facial expressions or changing their voices when telling stories; all they would have to do is instruct the children on how to use the VR application.

Parents: Parents will be pleased with the outcome because their children are already reading stories. Apart from that, they will spend less money on books to read.

Researchers. They will gain a better insight and knowledge of the project as a result of the research.

Future Researcher. The study will inform them and act as a guide for their future research on the project.

Conceptual Framework of Augmented and Virtual Reality Based Learning - Diagram
Conceptual Framework of Augmented and Virtual Reality Based Learning – Diagram


According to a study, listening to and reading stories enhances a child’s vocabulary, speaking skills, and communication skills, therefore having a new gadget platform for conveying stories in a more participatory and enjoyable way is a must. Given that youngsters are constantly engrossed in their phones and use them in ineffective ways, why not create an application that allows kids to learn while still having fun through reading? It is tough for parents to get their children to listen to a story; this is how the VR storytelling application develops to take advantage of new technologies to learn more effectively. With all of the stated advantages and benefits of the project, this means that it should become into life.

Therefore, parents and even teachers permit the use of a VR application because it benefits youngsters in a variety of ways. The project’s beneficial factors are actually for the benefit of the children. It should be implemented and installed on the phones of all children. This idea is not intended to make children addicted to their phones, but rather to encourage them to read stories again as part of a joyful learning experience.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Capstone and Thesis Project Ideas
Augmented and Virtual Reality Capstone and Thesis Project Ideas


This idea became a reality because this platform is advantageous to children in reawakening their interest in reading stories. It is suggested that the researcher create this project as an offline reading so that more people, even those with limited financial resources, can use the platform. It is suggested that this endeavor be a re-imagining of old story-telling techniques. It is also suggested that the researchers update the application regularly and make it more user-friendly so that parents can use it easily.

In general, the government should implement this project and make it available to schools as a new means of teaching, reading, and telling stories to children. Parents should also allow the program to be installed on their devices and watch their children daily. Because of the project’s outcome, this is a new path for the children’s future to be easier and more beautiful.

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