Courier System in PHP

Courier System in PHP


Technology’s quick advancement is the driving factor behind the advancement of the commercial industry. It changes the way people connect and conduct business. The PHP-based Courier System automates courier management. It is a piece of software that will enable businesses to manage logistics and track freight or parcels from point of origin to point of destination electronically. This research examines and introduces the system’s purpose and characteristics. The project fills a void left by the previous system in terms of efficiently managing courier company pickup operations and packages. The system will be created using the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodology. To test and check the system, the researchers will gather a sample size of participating courier company owners, employees, clients, and other end-users. Changes will be made when IT specialists analyze the system. Based on the advice of experts, the researchers will improve the system.


The tough competition in the business market has prompted business organizations to explore and adapt the use of technology to gain a competitive edge. This capstone project, titled “Courier System in PHP” is a software designed in PHP programming language that is intended for courier management automation. The said project will allow companies to electronically manage logistics and monitor every transportation of cargo or packages from a source to the final destination.

The management and transportation of cargo or shipments to their final destination is the responsibility of a courier company. The organization handles a variety of tasks, including calculating shipping costs, determining delivery specifics such as who will receive the products and where they will be delivered, and processing payments until the transaction is completed. Manually handling shipping processes takes time and is prone to human error. Businesses want excellent solutions to automate all procedures to expedite transportation cost-effectively and efficiently.

Proposed Solution

The project “Courier System in PHP” was proposed by the researchers as a response to the aforementioned concerns. The proposed project is software that would help courier companies to have an effective management tool for cargo deliveries. The system will be used in managing the details of the delivery, tracking, and scheduling of the couriered items, analyzing courier performance and updating customers. The system will also serve as a platform wherein information about the package to be delivered will be accessed by the customer or owner of the parcel. By using the system, the client can monitor the movement of the couriered item.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The main purpose of the capstone project is to design and develop a system in PHP that will properly monitor and record the transactions in a courier company.

  1. The system will help in managing records of shipment and pickup mission counts of the courier business.
  2. The system would help the company track and monitor the movement of the delivery.
  3. To develop an effective tool to manage cargo deliveries.
  4. To provide updates about the status of the shipment or pick-up missions.
  5. To assess the system in terms of user acceptability, efficacy, productivity, quality, and dependability.

Scope of the Study

This study mainly focuses on developing software that will streamline the management of courier storage logistics and shipment details. The researchers aimed to provide courier companies with an effective tool to increase their business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The researchers will gather a sample size of courier company owners, staff, and their clients to serve as respondents of the study.

Courier System in PHP
Courier System in PHP

Significance of the Study

Courier Businesses/Management. This would enable them to provide clients with more efficient services. Using the software ensures that the cargos are picked up and delivered as quickly as possible and in good shape. This would help them establish a strong reputation and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Clients. Customers will be assured that their products will be picked up and delivered as quickly as possible and in good condition thanks to the system. They will also be informed about the status of their packages.

Researchers. This is an opportunity for the researchers to use their skills in programming, web development, and database design and techniques.

Future Researchers. The capstone project may be upgraded by the next batch of researchers based on the needs and additional requirements of their clients.

Development Tools

Courier System in PHP is a system that allows for the electronic management of shipping transaction details. The system will act as a hub for all information on a customer’s shipment or package.

This article will provide you with an idea on what are the forms to be included in a Courier System in PHP.

Documentation of the project is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Feel free to message us for the complete documentation of the project.

Project Highlights

The capstone project, “Courier System in PHP” is a database-driven system that will automate the processes in managing information of different product shipment transactions.

The following are the advantages of the Courier System:

  1. Automated Information Management – the system will ease up accessing and managing details of the shipping transaction.
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes the records electronic, safe, accurate, reliable, and fast.
  3. Report Generation – the system automatically generates and provides reports income by month and payment type.

How the System Works

This section of the article discusses the features and how the system works. The researchers will explain the forms, modules, and user interface of the Courier System in PHP.

Dashboard – This dashboard serves as the main page of the courier system. The system’s dashboard displays the essential and primary records of the courier business.

The following pieces of information are mainly displayed in the dashboard:

  • Total Shipments Count
  • Pending Shipments Count
  • Delivered Shipments Count
  • Total Missions Count
  • Pending Missions Count
  • Pickup Missions Count
  • Delivery Missions Count
  • Transfer Missions Count
  • Supply Missions Count

Shown below is the image of the system’s Dashboard design.

Courier System in PHP - Dashboard
Courier System in PHP – Dashboard

Clients Information – this module requires the system administrator to manage the client’s information.

The admin or encoder will encode the following information of the clients:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Options -(view, edit, delete)

The image below is the design of the Clients Information module.

Courier System in PHP - Client Information
Courier System in PHP – Client Information

Barcode Package – this page displays the generated package’s barcode. This page also displays other essential information about the package being shipped.

The following pieces of information are included on the page:

  • Package’s Total Weight
  • ID
  • Name of Sender
  • Shipment Code
  • Quantity
  • Package Type

Shown below is the layout of the Barcode Package’s page.

Courier System in PHP - Barcode Package
Courier System in PHP – Barcode Package

Pickup Mission – this form will allow the system administrator to add or create a pickup mission. The admin will encode the details of the pickup mission in the system.

The following information will be encoded in the system:

  • Client/Sender
  • Pickup Address
  • Type-(ex. pickup)
  • Status -(ex. Requested)

The image below is the Pickup Mission form design.

Courier System in PHP - Pickup Information
Courier System in PHP – Pickup Information

Shipment – this module requires management of the shipment details. The admin will input the details and will be displayed in this specific module.

The following shipment information will be entered into the system:

  • Client/Sender
  • Receiver
  • Shipment Type
  • Current Branch
  • Created Date
  • Shipping Date
  • Total Weight
  • Shipping Cost
  • Tax&Duty
  • Insurance
  • Return Cost
  • Delivery Address (country and region)
  • Max Delivery Days
  • Captain
  • Mission

Shown below is the design of the shipment form.

Courier System in PHP - Shipment Information
Courier System in PHP – Shipment Information

Shipping General Settings – this form allows the admin or encoder to manage the shipping’s general settings.

The following information will be managed by the system’s administrators:

  • Default Count for Dashboard Latest Shipment Widget
  • Enable Shipping Date -(yes or no)
  • Default Shipping Date
  • Shipment Prefix
  • Shipment Number of Digits in the Tracking
  • Mission Prefix
  • Mission Number of Digits in the Tracking

The image shown below is the system’s Shipping General Settings.

Courier System in PHP - General Settings
Courier System in PHP – General Settings


Nowadays, all types of firms strive to fully optimize their processes to achieve long-term company viability and success. Businesses employ technology to automate company processes, improve services, and improve customer experience to fully maximize their operations. The study’s findings revealed that the built Courier System in PHP matched the needs of the respondents and the system’s intended users. The majority of the project’s respondents and intended users believe that the developed system can replace the manual way of shipment management, which is both expensive and prone to human mistakes.

According to the study’s findings, implementing a Shipment Management System will give an efficient method of handling all pertinent information concerning shipping transactions. By utilizing the system, all of the flaws in the traditional approach will be addressed, and an electronic way will be implemented, allowing delivery services and enterprises to properly handle client shipping transactions.


According to the researchers, implementing the Courier System in PHP in courier enterprises will make their job easier by allowing them to manage all information about orders picked up and shipping transactions. The built system will serve as a platform for processing, updating, and archiving delivery transactions. The system comes highly recommended for its effectiveness and dependability in automating procedures and recording customer, delivery, transaction, and other related data. To properly use the developed system, the intended users of the system need to be equipped with knowledge.

Businesses should consider implementing the developed system to replace their manual approach of managing all connected shipping transaction information. The designed solution is highly recommended because it ensures effective courier information management as well as electronic record keeping. For ease, improved services, and client happiness, courier companies should use the system to manage shipping transactions.

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