Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App

Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App


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It is given that a lot of students forgets already the local dialects and make the English language their primary speaking form and some believe it is to make students multilingual and multiliterate so that they can speak and write in their language. As to why DepEd implements Mother tongue-based multilingual education to preserved and educate students about the native culture. Bu the problem is that the materials resources and support of the said program are insufficient. To aid the aforementioned statement and challenges, to give easier and efficient access and learning without the hassle of teaching manually, the project entitled “Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App” develop. This is to provide a platform that transforms the old ways of teaching were to make visual aids and paper works, in this application everything that the student and teachers needed is stored already.

The proposed system will have different features the same as the books and printed materials that would be distributed by the students. This will serve as the supplement material resource to the tangible materials that will use in this program drive. The feature may include, dictionary, speaking voice for correct pronunciation, and other relevant features that make students and teachers interact. The system will be developed using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method. The researchers will assemble a sample size of participating students, teachers, and other end-users to test and check the system. IT experts will also evaluate the system to make changes. The researchers will improve the system based on the suggestions of the experts.


As part of the K-12 basic education program, Philippine educational institutions have already adopted mother tongue-based Multilingual education in all public schools, specifically for kindergarten, grades 1, 2, and 3. 12 primary dialects have been used and spoken in the Philippines, making it the country with the most dialects. Because there is a shortage of teaching materials, books are insufficient to learn all of this, which makes delivering the mother tongue program the most difficult component. For education to adapts the purpose of mobile applications and uses it as a medium to offer education to the learnings, learning has always been subtle with the advent of mobile applications. This project, entitled “Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App,” addresses the program’s deficit aspect, which is a lack of resource materials to support learning. These projects will augment the program’s material resources.

Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App
Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App

The goal of this capstone project, the Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App, was to create a mobile-based application for Mother Tongue education for kindergarteners and students in grades 1, 2, and 3. This project aimed to provide students with a flexible method of studying the mother tongue outside of the classroom, allowing them to better comprehend the lesson. This allows students to study even more even if they are not physically present at school. Students will be encouraged to learn in a different environment as a result of this project’s utilization of digital resources. The program will act as a digital source for the department of education’s material resources, transforming them into something more efficient, effective, user-friendly, and sufficient to use.

Proposed Solution

The capstone project, Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App, was created to overcome the existing problems discovered in introducing Mother Tongue in the Philippine educational system. This program will be interactive, with features that will assist students in expanding their knowledge and understanding of their native mother tongue. Both students and teachers will get a great deal of knowledge about their local dialects by using this application. The program will be simple to use and understand, ensuring that its usefulness is not limited to teachers and students, but also parents. The application will act as the entire needs for the kids; it will bring many benefits to all parties involved.

Objectives of the study

General Objective– generally the Project aimed to develop a mobile-based application of Mother tongue-based to supplement the existing education system of teaching mother tongue to the students.

Specifically, this project sought to achieve:

  1. The projects aim to produce a new channel way of acquiring learning that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom.
  2. To modify the manual system of teaching students into techy based learning.
  3. To provide easy access to mother tongue-related information.
  4. The projects want to provide an easier, friendly, and efficient way of learning the mother tongue without the hassle of paper works and visual aids.
  5. To develop an application where everything that the students and teachers need is already given.
  6. To encourage students to learn more and to appreciate local dialect through learning with a heart.
  7. To lessen the teacher’s works in teaching and making visual aids.

Scope of the Study

The study focuses on learnings that can take mother tongue-based multilingual as a class subject, specifically students in kindergarten through grades 1, 2, and 3. The proposed system aims to provide a mobile-based educational system that will improve the way people learn and teach their mother tongue. With this project, all of the necessary information, knowledge, and relevant data of the disciplined will be stored in one application, along with various activities and quizzes, allowing teachers to track their students’ progress. The two parties will interact with the program to keep their learnings current. Once the system develops, ensuring that the students and teachers will have an easier way of learning the local dialects, they will eventually learn the said discipline.

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Significance of the Study

The coup of the project is significant to the following groups or individuals:

Teachers. Because this application will act as a teaching aid to the students, the project delivers advantages and benefits to the teachers by reducing their workload and teachings to the students. They can readily keep track of the pupils’ progress. This program is the solution for teachers who do not have a deep understanding of local dialects and how to apply them; with it, they may harness their learnings and pronunciation of local dialects.

Students. The initiative will assist students in gaining advanced information and improving their application-based skills. Because of the fun and excitement that the application provides, the students will like taking the class. Knowing how glued today’s students are to their phones, this method of learning will motivate them to study more. Students will learn the correct pronunciation of local dialects, their definitions, and the value of maintaining contact with local dialects even today with this application. The application will be used as a resource for them to learn more about the topic.

School. This project will also benefit the school because it will eliminate the need for them to supply documentation, provide paper materials, or distribute books. In the classes, the schools will simply ensure that students and teachers engage in the same way.

Parents. They would save money since their children would not require new textbooks. They can teach their children in place of teachers because the application has all of the necessary information. They are also capable of guiding their offspring. Apart from that, people might gain knowledge via the applications.

Researchers. They will gain a better insight and knowledge of the project as a result of the research.

Future Researcher. The study will inform them and act as a guide for their future research on the project.


One of the issues that some students have had in the past is their unwillingness to bring books or other resources for the subject. Teachers and students both find it difficult to master the new program; teachers should hold seminars first so that they can accurately teach it. As a result, the creation of this project is extremely important for both instructors and students since the application provides information and features that help teachers and students improve their abilities, knowledge, and understanding. The application will be one of the options for filling in the gaps in the current program.

In a conclusion, the Department of Education should put this proposal into action. This will allow kids to acquire the mother tongue discipline more straightforwardly. This research aids in the reorganization of educational administration and the facilitation of learning in new and innovative methods. Kindergarteners will be encouraged to learn in a different environment by using digital resources as part of this project.

Translator App for K-12 Mother Tongue subject using JQuery Mobile and Phonegap Build
Translator App for K-12 Mother Tongue subject using JQuery Mobile and Phonegap Build


Given the fact that this platform assists children in learning their mother tongue without difficulty, it is advised that it be implemented. It is also suggested that the project’s researcher incorporate all of the special aspects that would make studying the mother tongue discipline easier for students and teachers. This application should be utilized as a supplement material resource in the students’ mother tongue subject, according to the project.

The following are the specific recommendations of the researchers:

  1. The researcher highly recommends utilizing this platform in every public school as the new way of learning mother tongue discipline and they also recommend that the Department of Education should take this as an opportunity for students to learn in an advanced study mechanism.
  2. They recommend that the school maintain to enhance the mobile application by adding more features and operations to guarantee that it is tailored to each learner’s level of understanding.

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