Tour Guide Information System Review of Related Literature

Tour Guide Information System Review of Related Literature

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This is a collection of related literature, systems, projects and studies that is closely related to the system entitled tour guide information system

Mobile Tourist Guide – An Intelligent Wireless System to Improve Tourism, using Semantic Web

According to the Semantic Web the next generation web is the version of having background knowledge about the meaning of web sources stored in a machine process able and interpretable way. The area of tourism is highly dynamic area that currently already extensively uses the available Internet technologies. However, the shortcomings of the existing technology are that information finding and extraction as well as the interpretation of the information contained in the web sources is left to the human user. The management and interoperation of semantically diverse tourism information system are facilitated by Semantic Web Technology that provides methods and standards, which allow accurate access to information as well as flexibility to comply with needs of tourism information system users and administrators. In this research project we introduce a new Semantic Web framework that can enable knowledge sharing and reuse. The Semantic Web uses agent technologies to formally model information represented in web resources. This makes it accessible to humans and computers working together, perhaps in conjunction with intelligent network services such as search agents. (Hasselt, Belgium 2010)


Tour Guide Information System Review of Related Literature
Tour Guide Information System Review of Related Literature

Interactive Mobile Based Tour Guide

According to SAITM Research Symposium on Engineering Advancements 2013. Nowadays tourists expect to get personalized access to tourism information at any time, from anywhere through any media. Mobile tourism guides provide the user with such a ubiquitous access. Sri Lanka being a popular tourist destination entertains a large number of tourists each year. Tourists are issued a printed guide booklet to find out interesting places during the visit. Due to the lack of up to date information and navigation support, tourists are not able to visit all the attractions during a visit. Our researched was based on discovering a solution to improve this situation providing convenience to the visitors. This paper presents the work carried out in developing an interactive mobile tour guide application to replace the traditional tour guide booklet. Main features of the application are; virtual tour of important places located, voice-based information provider, location identifier and a map-based path selection function to select the best path to a specified destination within the premises. The application was developed based on the Android platform and delivered as a mobile application. Main goal of this project is to help the tourists to travel on their own and take full advantage of the visit without missing the main attractions (www.

GuideMe- A Tourist Guide with a Recommender System and Social Interaction

According to Elsevier Ltd (2014) with the proliferation of mobile devices people are experiencing frequent communication and information exchange. For instance, in the context of tourist visits, it is often the case that each person carries out a smartphone, to get information about touristic places. When the visits some location, a tourist guide application will recommend useful information, according to its current location preferances, and past vists. Afterwards, the tourist guide allows for the user to provide feedback about each visit. In this paper, we address the development and the key features of a tourist guide, named GuideMe. Its mobile and Web applications provide consultation, publication, and recommendation of touristic locations. Each user may consult places of touristic interest, receive suggestions of previously unseen touristic places according to other user s recommendations, and to perform its own recommendations. The recommnendations are carried out out using the well-known Mahout library. As compared to previous recommender-based tourist guides, the key novelties of GuideMe are its integration with social networks and the unique set of options offered in the application. The usability and load tests peformed to evaluate the service, including its recommendation engine, have shown both the adequacy of the designed interfaces as well as good response times.

Smart Travel Guide: Application for Mobile Phone

According to pooja D. Watkar, prof. M. R. shahade (4/3/2013). The application aims to detailed text, pictures, videos and other guidance information are provided, and so people can better understand the tourist attractions and make decision objectively. It has selected for you the best activities, hotels and restaurant in city. Flexible map display and control functions and location support are provided in Android for mobile system design. User can search the nearby attraction after he she configures the distance between the current location and the view spots. When the users move out of the current location, the mobile phone will automatically send its new position to the server side, and the corresponding attractions lists will be received by the user (


The related studies give a solution to the researchers that will help the tourist who wants to travel without any worries to the place they want to visit. By the use of the system, all of the information including the routes, the establishments including the hotels, the tourist spots, restaurants and resorts are easy to access. This will be a big help for the tourist because it can save time, money and effort to go and inquire. The tourist must have an internet then will go to the site and simply input the budget per head and the system will show information of each places and the activities that they can do in that certain place.

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