Free Capstone Project Ideas September 2021

Free Capstone Project Ideas September 2021

This article is a collection of our team’s free capstone project ideas for September 2021. The information in this article may be useful to future scholars when it comes to documenting their projects. The capstone projects described below are free to use and can be customized to fit your needs. If you use the site for your capstone project requirements, the team only asks that you provide proper credit to the site.

  1. Voice Assistant Application for People with Vision Impairment

The capstone project, titled “Voice Assistant Application for People with Vision Impairment,” is a voice assistant application for people with vision impairment. The application will give the user access to the phone’s most vital capabilities, such as messaging, dialer, call log, and other important services. The system will announce the action taken by the user so that the user is aware of his or her activities. The initiative will use smart technology to help visually impaired people do daily duties.

The project will highly benefit visually impaired individuals. The application will upgrade the ways in how visually impaired individuals live daily. By directing and providing voice assistance for every operation people undertake on their phones, the software will make their lives easier and simpler. The software is extremely reliable in allowing visually impaired users to perform fundamental operations without the need for personal or physical assistance or other people’s intervention, relying solely on technical means.

  1. COVID-19 Facilities Information System

COVID – 19 has put people in fear due to its capability of transmission when exposed to the virus. To prevent the virus from spreading and being transmitted, the health sector and the government maintain isolation facilities for COVID-19 patients. The researchers developed a COVID-19 Facilities Information System that would allow them to handle information about the various COVID-19 facilities electronically. Users will be able to access data on the status of various infrastructures using the system. The system will display the room availability so that you can see which facilities have the capacity for more COVID patients. The COVID-19 Facilities Information System is a useful tool that can help you with a variety of tasks.

The project is deemed beneficial for healthcare sectors, COVID-19 task force, COVID – 19 patients, and other individuals involved. The system will automate the management of the various COVID-19 facilities that the barangays provide. The system will track and manage the status and availability of the rooms so that information about where COVID-19 facilities are still available and capable of accepting COVID patients can be easily retrieved. 

  1. Social Media Control and Advance Monitoring using Digital Parenting

It is incredibly difficult for parents to raise a child in today’s digital world. Digital media is suffocating today’s generation’s children. They have been engrossed in the use of the internet and various social media platforms. The researchers suggested that “Social Media Control and Advance Monitoring Using Digital Parenting” be developed. The system is intended to assist parents in regulating their children’s use of the internet and digital media. The project will aid parents in making the shift to digital parenting. The system will teach parents how to monitor and control their children’s social media usage. The system will teach parents about digital parenting, such as how to behave online.

  1. Knowledge-Based Expert System for Medical Disease Diagnosis

The use of expert systems has become popular in today’s generation. Expert systems are computer program which performs complex data processing similar to the evaluation made by a human expert. Expert systems are an efficient alternative for it can conclude and make decisions based on the knowledge, the database of the system.

The capstone project, named “Knowledge-Based Expert System for Medical Disease Diagnosis,” was proposed by the researchers. The proposed technique is intended to be used as an alternative to using symptoms to diagnose a patient’s health problems. The expert system will use clinical reasoning to arrive at a diagnosis of the patients’ medical condition. The diagnosis is based on the system’s database’s knowledge of medical diseases. Patients’ health care will be improved as a result of the system. The system’s creation will make medical disease diagnosis quick and easy while also ensuring an accurate and reliable diagnosis.

  1. Boarding House Management System

Monitoring tenant payments, the availability of rooms and beds (available or occupied), water and electricity bills, and much more are all part of boarding house administration. Previously, these management areas were manually processed. To manage the aforementioned areas, the majority of boarding houses employ a manual technique. The boarding house’s operation will be slowed by manual operation, which will have an impact on the guests’ experience while staying in their rented rooms and beds.

Boarding House Management System - Admin Dashboard
Boarding House Management System – Admin Dashboard

The capstone project, “Boarding House Management System” is designed to automate the operation of boarding houses. The system will track tenant payments, room and bed availability (available or occupied), water and electricity expenses, and report generating. The technology will improve boarding home operations by reducing the manual processes and errors that plagued the previous management system. Boarding house management will be simple, quick, convenient, accurate, and dependable thanks to the system. The management of boarding houses will be effective and efficient.

  1. VB.Net SSC Election Voting System

The capstone project, titled “VB.Net Voting System,” was proposed by the researchers. The initiative is intended to automate the voting procedure during the Supreme Student Council election. The project in question is a software application written in the VB.Net programming language. Both the schools and the kids will profit greatly from the application’s development. During SSC elections, schools can use the system to automate the voting and counting procedure. Students can use the system to cast their votes if they register. Students will be able to choose their candidates electronically, which will speed up vote counting and improve security, accuracy, and reliability.

For the school’s student council, election committee, and students, the project’s success is critical. The technology has the potential to improve the election process for student councils. The mechanism will ensure that the election results are accurate and dependable, resulting in the selection of deserving officials for a student council. The technology has the potential to make voting simple, convenient, quick, and hassle-free.

  1. Web-based Vocational Level E-Assessment Application

Vocational assessment is a critical process for every individual. Vocational assessment will test the strengths, unique skill set, aptitude, career interest, personality, and physical and mental health of an individual. The capstone project, entitled “Web-based Vocational Level E-Assessment Application” is designed to electronically conduct the vocational level assessment. The web-based application will replace the traditional way of assessing the vocational level of students.

The application will assist the assessment process in a digital format. To simply identify their vocational level, students will only need to utilize the web-based e-assessment program. The result of the vocational assessment will be highly accurate and reliable if the e-assessment application is used. The school and students will be able to determine the students’ strengths and skills for a potential job based on the assessment’s valid results. Existing methods will be phased out since they are time-consuming and error-prone. The method will make vocational evaluations easier, faster, and more accurate.

  1. Phone Repair System

The capstone project, “Phone Repair System,” will automate daily transaction operations for phone repair companies. It will simplify the process of handling phone repair service orders, maintaining repair records, managing customer and transaction records, and other company transactions. Traditionally, phone repair shops or stores manage their daily transactions manually, which is inefficient. Customers will not be able to achieve maximum pleasure if they continue to operate traditionally.

Phone Repair System - Dashboard
Phone Repair System – Dashboard

The researchers specifically aim to develop a system that will electronically manage the transactions in repair shops, increase the response time in attending to customer phone repair orders, reduce the manual workload and paperwork processed in a phone repair company or shop, implement an efficient and reliable phone repair system, increase operational efficiency and services offered by the phone repair company, improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction and evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, effectiveness, quality, productivity, timeliness, and reliability.

  1. Medical Store Management System in Django

The capstone project “Medical Store Management System” was created specifically for medical stores. The project will provide medical retailers with the tools they need to execute their everyday operations and transactions electronically. The software will automate the process of completing a medical supply and medicine stock inventory, recording information about medicines and other medical supplies in the shop, recording purchases and sales reports, recording customer and supplier information, and creating customer invoices.

Medical Store Management System in Django - Manage Medicine
Medical Store Management System in Django – Manage Medicine

The implementation of the system will significantly increase the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction delivered by the store. The system will eliminate the manual workloads and difficulties encountered in the pre-existing system. It is efficient and reliable in providing better services to the customers.

  1. Blood Bank Management System in Django

A Blood bank is a center where supplies of blood used for blood transfusions are stored and preserved. Blood banks manage supplies of blood, blood requests from patients, and records of blood donors and recipients. Blood bank centers need an effective system to help them manage daily operations and transactions in the center.

The Blood Bank Management System was created to make the management and operations of blood banks easier and more efficient. Blood banks will be able to digitally modify their operations thanks to the system. In one location, the blood bank can keep track of blood stockpiles, blood requests, blood donations, blood donors, and receivers. Patients and blood recipients can use the internet to look for blood and make blood requests to blood banks. Blood donors can also complete their blood donation paperwork and requirements electronically. The technology is an all-in-one platform that will streamline and simplify the blood bank’s overall operations and management processes.

  1. Python Vehicle Parking Management System

“Python Vehicle Parking Management System” is a capstone project designed to upgrade the system used in managing vehicle parking areas. The system will allow the parking lot administrator to electronically encode and store the records of parking slots availability, parking fees, parking duration, and customers and vehicles information. The records are essential to efficiently manage vehicle parking areas to avoid errors and problems for both, the parking administrator and customers.

The project’s development will reduce the obstacles and faults that plagued the previous technique of managing vehicle parking spaces. The solution will simplify the management process while also improving operational efficiency and the services provided to clients in-vehicle parking zones. The system’s development will immediately assist businesses such as malls, for which parking spot services are an essential element of their operations.

  1. Brain Controlled Wheelchair

This project called “Brain Controlled Wheelchair for Disable” belongs to the field of medicine. Decipher by the fact that there are already considerable inventions, discoveries and existing technology which can give advantage respond to aid every patient in different sickness or illness. The uniqueness of this project is the idea of how it was created. The development of this project targets a specific set of problems to provide attention with. A disabled person mostly gets a hard time and hopeless life for they expect that their kinds are the most useless ever step on land. Therefore, the usage of this project is to acknowledge the mentioned issue and give a response to it.

 The system will be used to assist individuals who have lost their capacity to speak and move. The system’s functionalities respond quickly to the end-commands. user’s The systems researchers are working to upgrade the present wheelchair, which only allows for simple movements, into one that allows for many commands, which is beneficial to impaired individuals. The system’s success has proven to be beneficial in assisting impaired people in improving their lives without causing inconvenience to others. All impaired patients’ lives will be drastically altered as a result of the system.

  1. Internet of Things Case Study on Fire Detection System

Unattended fires can endanger people and cause significant damage to establishments. It is important to have a fire detection system installed in your home, particularly in the kitchen. The researchers look into and determine if every home has a fire detection system in place, and it turned out that a lot of them don’t.

The researchers’ overarching goal is to design and deploy a home-based fire detection system. The researchers want to introduce and implement a fire detection system in every home, effectively reduce the risk of being in danger as a result of a fire, design a system capable of detecting undetectable fire at home, reduce or minimize substantial fire losses, mitigate early fire detection, and evaluate the system’s acceptability, efficacy, quality, timeliness, and provability.

  1. Online Platform for COVID-19 Contact Tracing System

Corona Virus Disease 2019 is very infectious, and it can be passed from person to person without causing symptoms. If contact tracing is not done properly, a single person infected with COVID-19 can spread the virus to multiple persons. Contact tracing becomes hard and time-consuming very soon due to a large number of COVID-19 active instances. The researchers proposed an Online Platform for the COVID-19 Contact Tracing System following this. The technology can help with contact tracing operations like initial case investigation, visualization of transmission pathways, and contact follow-up for those who have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person.

The proposed project is an online platform that will be designed and developed using PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and Bootstrap. The proposed system will facilitate recording and storing information used to quicken and ease up contact tracing. With this, it could help the healthcare sector and field responders to do the task accurately with fast and better processing. Moreover, it could bring more convenient and effective than manual contact tracing.

  1. Hospital Resources and Room Utilization Management System

The researchers proposed that an automated Hospital Resource and Room Utilization Management System be developed. The system is a centralized platform that will determine the availability of hospital resources such as medicines, oxygen tanks, and rooms for COVID and non-COVID patients using an electronic procedure. The technology will eliminate the major obstacles and difficulties that have been faced. Various hospitals can now provide a comprehensive report on their capacity and availability to serve COVID and non-COVID patients. Hospitals can better serve and give services to the general public, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is a concern.

Hospital Resources and Room Utilization Management System - Bed Utilization
Hospital Resources and Room Utilization Management System – Bed Utilization

With the implementation of the system, the manual process of managing hospital resources and room utilization will be eliminated. Different hospitals can now deliver an efficient report on their capacity and availability to accommodate COVID and non- COVID patients. Hospitals can better serve and provide services to the public especially now that we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Data Platform for Emergency Response Management

Accidents, catastrophes, and disasters are destined to occur, putting individuals in dangerous situations. The capstone project, “Data Platform for Emergency Response Management (DPERM),” is intended to enable smooth data exchange to a centralized data platform for emergency reasons. Public safety agencies and emergency responders can use device-based location data, health profiles, crash data, and other life-saving information to quickly and effectively respond to situations.

With the implementation of the system, public safety agencies and emergency responders can respond on time and save numerous lives. The system will expand the capability and efficiency of public safety agencies and emergency respondents to protect and save people during emergencies.

  1. Responsive Web Based ELearning with SMS

The capstone project entitled “e-LMS for Integrated School” is an online platform that will allow the Integrated School community to conduct and continue the learning process despite the current situation we have.

The purpose of this study is to provide an IT-based solution in the field of education. The researchers will create and develop an eLearning platform that will allow their faculty members to upload their lecture material and assess their students using the test and exam module of the project. In addition, the application is very helpful on the student side since they can now view and download their modules and take their examinations in their home.

  1. Smart Healthcare Support for Remote Patient Monitoring During COVID-19 Quarantine

Patients infected with COVID-19 can suffer symptoms ranging from moderate to severe cases and some are asymptomatic. Severe cases are monitored and treated within a clinical environment while those moderate and asymptomatic cases are isolated in quarantine facilities. However, there is a need to continuously monitor non-severe COVID-19 patients due to possible drastic and abrupt changes in their health status.

With this, the development of a Smart Healthcare Support System for Remote Patient Monitoring During COVID-19 Quarantine is proposed. The Smart Healthcare Support is designed to remotely monitor COVID-19 patients undergoing quarantine. COVID patients at quarantine sites or homes can communicate to doctors and healthcare givers for monitoring. The Smart Health Care Support System will allow doctors to monitor COVID patients remotely through text, audio, and video to gather real-time data about the patient’s health status.

  1. Mask Wearing Monitoring Application

The capstone project, titled “Mask Wearing Monitoring Application,” aims to detect people who aren’t wearing a face mask in public places. The app uses mask detection cameras to capture faces that aren’t wearing masks and sends the information to administrators and violators. Violators will be identified and sanctioned for them to learn and adhere to wearing a face mask.

The app will help the government and other agencies in charge combat the spread of the virus. The app will allow the government and public service areas’ administrators to detect individuals that are not wearing a face mask and take quick action. The app uses mask detector cameras together with AI to capture and recognize faces without a mask and those with masks but is improperly worn. This application will help the government limit the spread of the virus by strictly imposing accurate wearing of face masks.

  1. School Management System in Django

The researchers wanted to create a platform where teachers and students who wanted to apply for and be admitted to a school could interact with the school administrator. The school administrator is in charge of student and instructor records, as well as school fees and attendance records, and other information related to the school. Traditionally, the aforementioned management activities were carried out using a manual approach, but due to rapid technological advancements and increased demand from stakeholders, schools have begun to use computerized systems to manage school affairs.

School Management System in Django - Teacher Dashboard
School Management System in Django – Teacher Dashboard

The capstone project, “School Management System in Django” is designed to automate school management. The system electronically transitioned teachers, students, and records management operations and transactions. The implementation of the system will simplify teacher application, student admission, and records management of schools. The implementation of the system will ensure efficient school management processes and transactions. The system will significantly improve the operational and business efficiency of the schools.

  1. Vehicle Service Management System in Django

Regular vehicle servicing helps vehicle owners prevent unexpected vehicular malfunctions. Identifying vehicle problems at an early stage is essential before they’ll turn into significant issues. Vehicle owners tend to visit vehicle garages to enquire about vehicle servicing. Vehicle mechanics check the vehicle’s vital components and repair issues to ensure that they are in good shape and will not fail unexpectedly.

Vehicle Service Management System in Django - Admin Dashboard
Vehicle Service Management System in Django – Admin Dashboard

The capstone project, “Vehicle Service Management System in Django” will automate the operations and day-to-day transactions of the vehicle servicing garage. The system will electronically streamline processes including managing vehicle service orders, keeping maintenance records, managing customer records, and transaction records, servicing updates, and billing.

  1. Insurance Management System in Django

The capstone project, entitled “Insurance Management System in Django” is a system designed using Django and intended for insurance management automation. The said project will streamline the daily operations of insurance agencies. The software will automate insurance agency management and marketing of policies, clientele transactions, and records management.

Insurance Management System in Django - Policy
Insurance Management System in Django – Policy

The system’s adoption will make insurance organizations’ operations and management processes easier and more efficient. The agency can record and store insurance policies, policyholders, and other insurance-related paperwork in an automated manner. Using the program, the insurance agent can electronically show the agency’s insurance plans as well as respond to client inquiries. Clients can also apply for insurance coverage online, with the agency having the option to approve or reject their requests. Overall, the system will make insurance administration simple, quick, efficient, precise, and dependable.

  1. Hospital Management System in Django

The capstone project, “Hospital Management System in Django,” is software that automates hospital management using Django. The initiative will automate several critical daily activities at the hospital. Different management areas of a hospital are traditionally controlled independently and manually. The traditional approach is time-consuming, includes a lot of paperwork, and necessitates a lot of people.

Hospital Management System in Django - Admin Dashboard
Hospital Management System in Django – Admin Dashboard

The main goal of the project is the development and implementation of a Hospital Management System that will automate the management of the hospital’s many vital daily processes. The researchers specifically aim to design a centralized platform to manage hospital affairs, electronically record and store information of patients, doctors, and hospital-related appointments, design a system software that will cover the services that unify and simplify the work of healthcare professionals, seamlessly streamline interactions between doctors and patients and assess the acceptability, effectiveness, quality, and productivity of the system in automating hospital management.

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