COVID-19 Facilities Information System

Project Title: COVID-19 Facilities Information System

Area of Investigation: Information Technology

Background of the Study

Corona Virus Disease 2019 became a global problem and it is very important to be updated about the disease. Humanity fears COVID-19 so much because of its widespread and a lot of people are looking for reliable updates about the said pandemic. A lot of fake news is spreading on different online platforms especially on social media sites that made people panic and worry more about the disease.

Nowadays, a database system plays a big role in society especially in the world of business and industry. In today’s organizational needs which process a huge amount of information, it is essential to do the task using computers to make it more accurate and secure. The proposed Information System is the process of handling that creates information related to the COVID-19 LGU facilities, organize and store efficiently and appropriately. Moreover, record tracking is the component of a records management system that ensures you locate records when needed. Accurate recording and knowledge of the whereabouts of all paper records are essential if the information they contain is to be located efficiently and quickly.

Reasons for choice of the project

The researcher came up with an idea to develop an information system that can help LGU properly monitor and record their COVID-19 facilities that cater to COVID-19 patients. It is an online platform that will keep track of the available rooms and statistics of COVID-19 patients per barangay. Researchers choose this kind of study for we are still now in the pandemic era and Information Technology projects could help administrators in the LGU in decision making and as well as provide real-time and updated information through the use of the proposed platform.

COVID-19 Facilities Information System
COVID-19 Facilities Information System

Objectives of the Study

General Objective

The purpose of the study is to design, develop and implement a COVID-19 Facilities Information System that is specific to the needs and requirements of the end-users.

Specific Objectives

                Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. Properly monitor the active cases of the LGU facilities.
  2. Provide a statistical report of available rooms, cases per barangay, and status of COVID-19 patients.
  3. Complete the development of the system according to the timeframe or project schedule.
  4. Provide a database backup feature for the entire record.
  5. The study aimed to evaluate the PWD in terms of functionality, reliability, usability, and efficiency based on McCall’s Software Quality Model.

Project Context

The proposed project is an online platform that will be designed and developed using PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap.  The proposed system will help organize the management of records; input information and releasing of hard and soft copies of the reports. With this, it could help the user to do the task accurately with fast and better processing. Moreover, it could bring more convenient and effective than manual processing.

The following are the proposed module of the project:

  • Admin Dashboard – this module displays the basic statistics or records stored in the system, it includes the number of rooms, number of active cases, and number of barangays.
  • Barangay Management – the project is a dynamic system wherein the LGU are allowed to add their respective barangays to the system.
  • Patient Information – this module will store the profile of the COVID-19 patient
  • Room Management – list of rooms that the facility has will be encoded in this module.
  • Room Occupants – this module manages and displays the room assigned to a patient.
  • Reports Management – output of the system is in a form of tabular data and graphical reports, it includes the room status summary, cases per barangay, and cases status report.
COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download - Room Management
COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download – Room Management

Importance of the Study

IT-based solutions are very important in any aspect of life. The proposed COVID-19 Facilities Information System is an important tool for record management and information dissemination.  Database systems are very efficient in terms of data storage and accessibility of data. These are some of the importance that the proposed project would bring to the identified end-users.

Target Users/Beneficiary

Local Government Unit. The output of the capstone project will benefit them by having a platform to fed information to the public about COVID-19 cases in their area and possible actions to be taken.

Health Workers. The online platform will help them by having a real-time monitoring platform about COVID-19 and this system will also help them to quickly attend to those who needed their services.

Users. The proposed capstone project will highly benefit them to have an accessible platform to ask and report information related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download - Dashboard
COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download – Dashboard

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