70+ Free and New Capstone Project Titles

70+ Free and New Capstone Project Titles

Are you having trouble coming up with unique capstone project ideas? Our team will provide a list of unique and new topics that you can use in your capstone project. This post is a collection of our team’s 70+ free and new capstone project titles.

Selection of topic is the most important and initial stage in your journey as a student or researcher doing a capstone project. Selecting a topic without giving it much thought might lead to failure. Therefore, to begin with, make sure that you personally find the topic interesting and you’re sure that the research aspect will never get boring for you. Secondly, make sure it aligns with your curriculum and gives you the space to show the teacher what you have learnt during the lessons.

70+ Free and New Capstone Project Title
70+ Free and New Capstone Project Title

List of Capstone Project Titles:

  1. Duplicate Document Detection using Machine Learning
  2. A Knowledge-Based Decision Support System to Enhance Learning Ability
  3. Academic Use of Online Social Networking Sites
  4. GPS aided ACC with Driver Status Monitoring
  5. Development of Voice Assistant Application for people with vision impairment
  6. Fingerprint Indexing and Verification
  7. Brain Controlled Wheelchair for Disabled
  8. Pest Management using Machine Learning Algorithms
  9. Automated Hydroponics System using NFT System and IOT
  10. Cashier Queuing System with Web Push Notification
  11. Web Based Assistance Liquidation with SMS Notification
  12. Smart Bio kit For Military People
  13. Sugarcane Plantation Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Technologies
  14. Design and Implementation of Weather Monitoring System using Wireless Communication
  15. Cloud-Based Smart Car Parking System
  16. Land Use Assessment using GIS and Remote Sensing
  17. Use of Mobile Technology to Control Malaria
  18. Smart Home with Information Security
  19. A Wireless Sensor Networks with Air Pollution Detection
  20. Attendance System Using Near Field Communication Technology
  21. Design and Implementation of Reservation Management System
  22. Eye Tracking Feature for People with Cognitive Disabilities
  23. Arduino Based Rear-end Anti-collision Warning System for Vehicles
  24. Design and Development of Data Warehousing for Small to Medium Enterprises
  25. Plant Breeding Tracking Application
  26. IOT Based Digital Notice Board
  27. Knowledge Based Expert System for Medical Disease Diagnosis
  28. Social Media Control and Advance Monitoring using Digital Parenting
  29. Internet of Things (IoT) Controlled Irrigation
  30. GPS Based Car Emergency Alert System
  31. Analysis Of Student Result Data Using Association Rule Mining
  32. Social Media Advertisement Impact on Customer Relationship Management
  33. Application of cloud computing at library and information centers
  34. Weather Prediction using Decision Tree Algorithm
  35. Ground and Surface water quality monitoring system
  36. Integration Of ICT in Health Service Management
  37. Business Intelligence in Healthcare Organisations
  38. GIS Based Flood Risk Area Modelling
  39. Computer-Based Assessment Its Effects on Students’ Performance and Attitude
  40. Real-time Farm Surveillance System for Bird Detection
  41. Cloud Based Collaborative System
  42. The Use of Remote Sensing in Climate Change Monitoring
  43. Impact Of Robotics On Management & Society
  44. Applying Telemedicine during Disasters
  45. The Impact of Social Media in Education
  46. GIS Based Irrigation Mapping
  47. Informatics in Agriculture – The Cyber Way
  48. Virtual Pharmaceutical Library Information Sources And Services On Internet
  49. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Land Use
  50. Land Covers Mapping
  51. Duplicate Document Finding Application
  52. Mobile Technology in Healthcare
  53. Mapping Of Traditional Medicinal Plants
  54. Study and Proposal of Wearable Computer Applications
  55. The Role of Information Communication Technology on mitigating flood Risks
  56. Pros and Cons of Digital Economy
  57. Mobile Mechanic Application
  58. Thyroid Disease Identification using Fuzzy Logic
  59. real time face detection for attendance purposes
  60. The Future of Mobile Cash Transaction
  61. Data Platform for Emergency Response Management (DPERM)
  62. Society Management Application in Flutter
  63. RFID implementation at academic libraries
  64. River Monitoring using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology
  65. IoT Based Biometric System
  66. Credit Card Fraud Detection using Data Mining
  67. Role of ICT in Tourism Industry
  68. Human Heart Disease Prediction using Data Mining
  69. Sales Management Decision Making System
  70. Two way interactive Sing Language to Text mobile application
  71. Android Application for Complete Medical Support
  72. Cloud Computing in Library and Information Science
  73. Artificial Intelligence in Biological Data
  74. Role of Massive Open Online Courses in Education System
  75. Predicting Student Academic Performance in KSA using Data Mining Techniques
  76. Signature Recognition System using Artificial Neural Network
  77. Home-Automation System for Renewable Energy Self-Consumption Optimization
  78. Drug Addict Reclamation Android App
  79. An Online Food Court Ordering System
  80. Rapid Earthquake Alarm System and Real-Time Automated Action
  81. Child Welfare Management Application Based on Android
  82. Sales Distributing Company For Logistics Improvement
  83. Service Center System Using Chat bot
  84. Role of E-Learning-Virtual Classroom Teaching During COVID-19
  85. Space Technology for Crop Monitoring
  86. Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Web-Based Physical Fitness Tele-Consultation System
Top 40 Free Business Related IT Capstone Project
Top 40 Free Business Related IT Capstone Project

The list above serves as an example you may choose from. Take note that before you start, you must have a firm grasp of the structure and features of the project before you begin presenting it. Your assignment will have certain criteria, which you must adhere to. You should also be familiar with the format or outline of the paper you’ll be writing as well as the different tools involved in the project. The most essential thing, though, is to come up with something you’re happy with.

The information on this page may be useful to future scholars as they publish their projects. The capstone projects enumerated below are free to use and can be customized to meet your needs. If you utilize the site for your capstone project requirements, all the team asks is that you provide due credit to the site.

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Capstone Project Ideas and Guide for IT and IS
Capstone Project Ideas and Guide for IT and IS

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