Responsive Web Based ELearning with SMS

Project Title: Responsive Web Based ELearning with SMS

Area of Investigation: Information Technology

Background of the Study

The new learning paradigm in the educational system encourages students to be in control of how they learn, and the teachers to let go of their control over the learning process in the classrooms and begin to function as designers and facilitators of learning. Teachers assist their students to develop independent learning skills, understand the strengths and weaknesses of open learning, and be able to develop and deliver educational materials more creatively, effectively, and efficiently.

In the learning environment, technology-aided strategies provide valuable experiences to the teachers and students through instructional devices that can be viewed and heard. Computers in educational institutions could be used in presenting the lesson and solving problems. Schools make use of computer-assisted instructional applications such as drill and practice programs, tutorials, simulations, and game programs and students should make use of Information Technology (IT) throughout the curriculum. This educational software may be utilized in acquiring subject-specific skills, knowledge, and understanding. The software must be easy to operate, should help students with their learning, and should be easy to understand and use.

We are now in the Pandemic era brought by the COVID-19 where travel restrictions are very limited to none. Most of the transactions are catered online since the majority of the sectors such as education and businesses cannot fully operate in a face-to-face manner. One of the areas affected by this global pandemic is the Integrated School which will be the target subject area of the study.

Responsive Web Based ELearning with SMS
Responsive Web Based ELearning with SMS

Reasons for choice of the project

The capstone project entitled “e-LMS for Integrated School” is an online platform that will allow the Integrated School community to conduct and continue the learning process despite of the current situation we have.

The purpose of this study is to provide an IT based solution in the field of education. The researchers will create and develop an eLearning platform that will allow their faculty members to upload their lecture material and assess their students using the test and exam module of the project. In addition, the application is very helpful on the student side since they can now view and download their modules and take their examinations in their home.

With the aforementioned information, the researchers will conduct a study on Learning Management System that will help the academic community of Integrated School to continue to serve their clients and pursue the learning process in an online setting to achieve the vision and mission of their institution.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective

The project aimed to design, develop and implement a Learning Management System for Integrated School.

Specific Objectives

Specifically the study aims to:

  1. Develop the following system features:
    1. Student information module
    2. Faculty information module
    3. Subjects module
    4. Test and Exam module
    5. Lecture materials banking module
  2. The study aimed to evaluate the system in terms of functionality, reliability, usability, and efficiency based on McCall’s Software Quality Model.
  3. Moreover, this project aimed to determine the level of satisfaction on the end-users based on ISO/IEC 25010 Quality in use Model.
Elearning System Student Itemized Result
Elearning System Student Itemized Result

Project Context

The scope of this project is only based on the requirements needed by the respondents which are the Integrated School. The said project is an online platform; hence, it requires internet connection. Learning management system for  Integrated School is limited to the following features; (1) teacher profile management, (2) student profile management, (3) teacher subject load, (4) test, exam and assignment management, (5) module or lecture material management, and (6)SMS support that send text messages to the students if the instructor upload new resources, quizzes or exam.

Importance of the Study

The proposed online learning platform would be very useful tool not only to the administrator and teachers of the school but it would bring a centralized repository of learning materials that would benefit the students and learners of the school. The importance of online learning is most appropriate for everybody.  Quick delivery of information and a unified approach is the other advantage of the proposed system. With the implementation of the proposed system, it would give assurance to the concerned parties that education will still continue despite the problems brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ELearning System for Math Dashboard Page
ELearning System for Math Dashboard Page

Target Users/Beneficiary

The output of the study is beneficial to the following:

School Management. IT projects such as the eLearning platform is very important not only on the business community but as well as to the academic sector. The school can still offer quality education to the students even if face to face classes are still prohibited.

Teachers/Faculty Members. Faculty members can now upload their material online and monitor the progress of their students.

Students. Self-paced learning means you can learn in your own time and schedule.

Other Researchers. It could be of great help for them in analysing, interpreting, and giving them an idea on how to investigate the study regarding eLearning management system.

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