Family Planning Information System Capstone Project

Family Planning Information System Capstone Project

14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

The capstone project entitled “Family Planning Information System” is an online platform designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. The purpose of this study is to establish an online platform that can provide family planning services such as schedule of seminars, knowledge management and online consultations.

This article includes the introduction of the study, objectives and significance of the study. The documentation and application can be customized based on your specific requirements.


At present, rapid growth in population has become a problem in most countries. This problem can lead to uncontrolled economic, health and social problems. Health sectors have seen family planning services a helpful tool to control unplanned birth and other problems cause by rapid population growth. Family planning is one important aspect that needs to be address and properly manage for the benefits of each individual families, women and the community. To address this concern, the researcher of the proposed system entitled “Family Planning Information System” aimed to provide a platform wherein all family planning services are provided and are very accessible. Family planning is most important for women to help them decrease the risk in their health for bearing an unplanned child. Thus, providing effective family planning services which address the needs of the families and the communities as a whole is essential. Implementation of the most effective way to carry out activities related to family planning services will be done using the proposed system. The system would help women have an accessible and easy to use guide on how to plan and pre

Family Planning Information System Capstone Project
Family Planning Information System Capstone Project

vent unplanned pregnancies.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective

The primary aim of this capstone project is to design and develop and information system that caters the records management related to family planning.

Specific Objectives

Specifically, the project aims for the following:

  1. The system will provide an updated, accessible and hassle-free platform for patients and health workers for family planning services.
  2. The system will serve as a guide for women in choosing their birth controls or contraception.
  3. The system will provide a platform of communication for health workers and patients, verbal and non-verbal.
  4. The system will display all possible family planning services such as choices of birth controls or contraception, lessons about effective family planning etc.

Significance of the Study

The output of this capstone project would be very important to the following:

Health Workers. It would be easier for them to communicate with their patients with regards to family planning services. This would lessen their hassles in delivering the services unlike the manual way that are mostly done through face-to-face.

Families/Patients/Community. They would have an accessible and hassle-free family planning services. They would not need to always go to health centers or hospitals to seek for family planning advice.

Researchers. This would give the researchers the opportunities to make use of their skills not only in research but in computer programming and system analysis and design. The skills (soft and technical) learned by the researchers during their four years of study would be put into practice.

Future Researchers. The output and result of the study would give them a guide and resource material in the conduct of their study similar to this one.

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