Interactive Virtual Tour of School Campus

Interactive Virtual Tour of School Campus

The capstone project entitled “Interactive Virtual Tour of School Campus” is a 3d based project in Unity 3D. This article does not include the sample 3d objects but this content will serve as a guide in making a proposal regarding a virtual campus tour project.

Interactive Virtual Tour of School Campus
Interactive Virtual Tour of School Campus

Introduction of the Study

People nowadays are keeping up with the rapid pace of modern day life. Even the different industries and institutions also adapt the rapid changes brought by the increase in technology. One of these are the educational institutions, one of the goal of different educational institutions is to attract students to enroll in their school. To address this concern, the researcher of the above proposed system aimed to provide the different schools a powerful way to entice new students to enroll. This is through an interactive virtual tour of school campuses.

By using the proposed system, students that are not able to visit the school campus in-person before admission will have a way to take a look in their prospective schools. This will help them get to know the school campus by having an interactive map that contains the different areas on the school campus, with additional information, videos and even photographs about each location. This system would bring the school campus to the students with just a few clicks. Unlike the manual way of campus tours, adapting virtual tours would lessen the hassle of both, the students and the school personnel.

Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this capstone project is to design a 3d model that will be used for virtual campus tour.

Specifically, the capstone project aims to:

  1. It will enhance user engagement and lessen the time and hassle spent for school campus tour.
  2. It will provide the vital information needed to learn by the students about the school campus.
  3. It will provide a platform that will lessen the use of text and people in doing campus tours.
  4. It will help build familiarity with the campus and its facilities in a hassle-free manner for both students and the school personnel.

Significance of the Study

School Administration/Personnel. This will help them make known and entice students to enroll in their school using just one platform. They can provide all the vital information just by providing an interactive virtual tour. The system will help them to reach out students virtually.

Students. They will have an accessible campus tour even without going physically to the school. This will leave them with a lot of choices if different schools would use interactive virtual tours for their school campuses for they can easily browse to visit the school virtually and make a choice. This will give them the chance to visit the school before admission.

Researchers. This is a challenging project for the researchers since it will not only include research and programming but also in making the 3d model of the school building and facilities. It is an opportunity for the researchers to use their skills in multimedia as well.

Future Researchers. The project is a static based model since the school can construct another building and change the layout of the plan. This would be very important for the next batch of researchers since the 3d model is available for them to update and modify.

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