OJT Records Monitoring System Chapter 1

OJT Records Monitoring System Chapter 1

The capstone project entitled “OJT Records Monitoring System” is a database system for records management related to OJT records and transactions.

This document is an example of chapter 1 capstone documentation of OJT Records Monitoring System. It includes the introduction of the study, objectives (general and specific) and significance of the study.

PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap are the development tools for this project.

OJT Records Monitoring System Chapter 1
OJT Records Monitoring System Chapter 1


Nowadays, technology has become a modern enabler. It is integrated in every aspects it can be used. One of these is in the employment processes. Every employee undergo on-the-job training to prepare them for their future position in work. There are instructions and hands-on practice that must be complete as part of the training and record keeping is a must.

OJT Records Monitoring System aimed to automate the tracking of on-the-job trainee’s records. It will be utilize to track the precise records of hours rendered by the trainee. Also, all sorts of reports, announcements, and updates will be done through the system. In the manual and traditional way of record keeping and monitoring there are some adversities that can’t be avoided like losing some records of the trainees and barriers between the interaction of trainees and the coordinator and manager. The proposed system will eliminate the possibility of these errors to occur. All records of the trainee will be keep and manage using the system.

Objectives of the Study

The study aims to develop an online system that records, monitors and archives the work progress of the On the Job Trainees.

Specifically, it aims to:

  1. The system will serve as the daily time recorder of the trainees.
  2. The system will let the OJT manager do the evaluation and rating online.
  3. The system will provide a paperless transactions.
  4. The system will serve also as a platform for announcements and updates both from the OJT coordinator and the OJT manager.

Significance of the Study

OJT Coordinator. The coordinator will not have a difficult time verifying/ monitoring the hours rendered by the trainee. He will also be devoid from lots of paper works such as journal notebooks, month end and terminal reports and there’s no possible way of losing the records.

OJT Manager. They can have the chance to interact with the OJT coordinator or organizer online. Communications and updates would be easier.

On-The-Job Trainees. They will be hassle-free in passing their requirements and paper works for it will be done via online. Also, they would not lose track of the hours they rendered in training.

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