16 New Final Year Capstone Projects Ideas

16 New Final Year Capstone Projects Ideas


14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

The scope of the information technology and information systems fields is expanding as the world of technology evolves and expands. Many students today are exposed to the world of technology at a much younger age than they were previously. Computers, tablets, cell phones, smart gadgets, the internet, and other technologies are used by students to interact with technology. Many present and prospective employments are projected to require knowledge of technology in the future, so it is critical that students are prepared to enter the workforce as well-equipped. We will offer some suggestions in this document to help you arrange your capstone project. These recommendations are based on our many years of experience with our capstone project, as well as our experiences with capstone projects around the country. We hope you find our suggestions helpful, and that the project we describe is effective and meaningful for you. We will provide a more extensive discussion and description of this project in future blog posts and publications, as well as some background material and resources we have found valuable.

16 New Final Year Capstone Projects Ideas
16 New Final Year Capstone Projects Ideas
  1. Online Barter Market System

Technology has made all transactions virtual and online, eliminating the necessity for face-to-face connection. Automation has become possible because to technological advancements. The barter system has been around for a long time. Traditionally, bartering was done through face-to-face interactions in which people met to swap commodities or services. As technology advances, this traditional method of trading is gradually becoming out-dated. Some people now utilize social media platforms to advertise things or goods that are available for barter. The researchers saw this as a chance to establish a centralized platform designed exclusively for barter. The capstone project, entitled “Online Barter Market System,” is intended to provide individuals with a centralized barter system in which they may post things or services for barter that will be easily found by members who are interested in the posted barter. The system will concentrate communication and transactions, making it more convenient and efficient.

  1. System for Budget Preparation and Management

The capstone project “System for Budget Preparation and Management” will simplify the process of preparing and managing the company’s monetary budget, particularly when it comes to project spending. This will close the loophole in the current budget preparation and management method.

Many businesses currently prepare and manage their project budgets using a manual manner. The manual budgeting process is prone to human mistake and will not allow the business to accurately estimate its financial status. Due to possible human errors, especially in the manual calculation of digits, records of anticipated and actual budgets may not be precise and dependable. In order to prepare timely financial reports, the manual procedure is regarded to be inefficient and unsuccessful.

  1. Information System for Local Disaster Resilience

Natural disasters can have devastating consequences for society. These natural disasters cannot be stopped; nevertheless, the local government and the general public can prepare for the potential damages to mitigate the loss and damages they may suffer.The capstone project, named ” Information System for Local Disaster Resilience,” is intended to serve as a centralized system and a reliable source of disaster updates, particularly disaster resilience, that might considerably benefit the public. The initiative will aid in the dissemination of information to assist communities and countries in becoming better equipped to endure and recover quickly from a disaster.

  1. E-Logbook Management System

The modern world is rapidly developing these days as a result of technological advancements that are rapidly pursuing success. An “Automated or Computerized System” is one of the useful modern technologies that has been invented. It is today employed in a variety of disciplines, including institutions, business, communication, companies, science, and even the old-fashioned learning process has been switched to technology. These fields have a system in place to make accessing information and procedures easier and more productive. The capstone project, “E-logbook Management System” is a software program that allows you to keep track of your logins in an electronic way. This will ease up management as well as retrieval of records of logbooks.

Capstone Project Proposal Topics and Ideas
Capstone Project Proposal Topics and Ideas
  1. Disaster Preparedness and Risk Management Mobile Application

Nowadays, the disaster preparedness and risk management departments use technology to assist them in preparing for disasters and assessing risks that will help limit damages and losses in the event of a disaster. The general people can now use various system software and mobile applications to be notified in the event of a disaster and to receive trustworthy and credible disaster information. “Disaster Preparedness and Risk Management Mobile Application,” the capstone project, is yet another creative application that users can download to their mobile phones to aid in disaster preparedness and risk management. This will make catastrophe preparedness and risk management simple, quick, and efficient.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease Decision Support System

The capstone project, dubbed “Cardiovascular Disease Decision Support System,” is intended for cardiology patients and medical professionals. The technology will provide a consolidated platform for consultations between patients and cardiologists. The project is a decision support system that will assist in appropriately diagnosing a patient with cardiovascular disease and has a greater success rate. All records will be kept electronically by the project.

  1. Community Census Monitoring And Management System

A community census is conducted to calculate, acquire, and record information about the members of a given population. A census, by definition, is a collection of records such as demographic profiles, poverty profiles, economic profiles, social services and facilities, and so on. In order to obtain census data for a community, they must conduct a survey. Community Census Monitoring and Management System is an advanced and automated technique for administering census monitoring in a specific community, replacing manual processes such as handwritten documents and preserving records in a drawer where some records are lost. It is automated in such a way that all census monitoring records can be stored and searched using web browsers. This method will make management easier by allowing clients/residents to simply search the website for all census monitoring information.

  1. Arduino Program for IoT in Smart Farming

In general, farm management entails problem-solving and decision-making for the benefit of the farm. Farm managers still have challenges today in managing various operations, particularly in giving solutions and making decisions to accomplish the farm’s objectives. A manager must determine how much fertilizer and irrigation water to utilize, as well as seed application rates, feeding levels, personnel and machinery use, and other input rates and levels. The Smart Farming System combines hardware and software components. Embedded systems are included in the hardware, and the software program is created using the Arduino IDE. This innovation will advanced farm management.

  1. System for the Management of Hazardous Information

Moving hazardous materials by any means of transportation increases the potential of an unintentional discharge. This is due to the lack of sufficient information in transportation incidents. The capstone project, “System for Management of Hazardous Information,” is a consolidated platform for hazardous information transmission. The system will aid in the prevention of hazardous substance-related mishaps.

  1. Monitoring Pet Vaccines using a Mobile App

People nowadays use technology to assist them in completing their work and daily activities. People can complete chores more easily and conveniently thanks to technological improvements.

The capstone project is a mobile application for pet owners called “Monitoring Pet Vaccines Using a Mobile App.” By monitoring and keeping track of their immunizations, the project will assist pet owners in keeping their pets fit and healthy. The ultimate goal of pet owners is to keep their pets fit and healthy.

27 Free Capstone Project Ideas and Tutorials
27 Free Capstone Project Ideas and Tutorials
  1. Recipe Cost Analyzer on the Go

Analyzing the cost of a particular recipe is an important task in the food industry. This shows how much the recipe cost and how much you can earn per dish. The project will allow users to cost recipes easily and rapidly. Users will enter the ingredients, as well as the price they pay for them, and then the recipe, which will tell them how much it will cost to produce the whole thing, as well as how much it will cost per portion.

  1. System for Managing Property Taxes

Property taxes are a source of revenue for the government. To avoid legal action, property owners should keep track of their taxes and pay them on time. The capstone project, named “System for Managing Property Taxes,” is a cutting-edge property tax administration system that uses automation. The aforementioned project streamlines the most time-consuming components of the property tax procedure, allowing your staff to execute those activities in a fraction of the time.

  1. Hand Written Text Recognition using Deep Learning

“Handwritten Text Recognition using Deep Learning,” the capstone project, is a cutting-edge innovation that scans and converts handwritten text into a digital document text. Deep learning techniques were utilized to create a neural network that recognizes individual handwritten characters and handwritten numerals in this machine learning research.

  1. Data Collection and Consolidation with Decision Support System for Performance Commitment and Review

A performance commitment and review is a performance management tool that an employee is obligated to submit every semester. It includes his or her commitments to achieving office goals and objectives, as well as accomplishments at the end of the rating period. The capstone project, “Data Collection and Consolidation with Decision Support System for Performance Commitment and Review,” aims to automate the process of data collection and consolidation for performance commitment and review. The project in question will make the collecting and consolidation procedure simple, quick, and effective.

  1. Budgeting and Planning System for Procurement

The capstone project “Budgeting and Planning System for Procurement” will streamline a company’s procurement budgeting and planning procedure. This will close a gap in the present procurement budgeting and planning process.

Many companies still do their procurement planning and preparation by hand. The manual approach is prone to human error and will prevent the company from effectively estimating its financial situation for purchase. Records of expected and actual budgets may not be precise and dependable due to possible human errors, particularly in the manual calculation of digits. The manual approach is considered inefficient and unsuccessful for preparing timely financial reports.

  1. Fake News Detection using Machine Learning

Thanks to the Internet and other social media sites, we may acquire information quickly nowadays. The question is if the information gathered is accurate and genuine. Because of the extensive use of social media platforms, consumers are creating and sharing more information than ever before, some of it is false and has no influence on reality. It’s impossible to describe a text article as misleading or misinformation on the basis of its content alone. Before judging whether or not an article is true, even a domain expert must analyze a range of elements. In this research, we suggest that a machine learning technique be used to automatically categorize Fake News.


In a range of enterprises and institutions, technology is credited for driving change. Because of information technology, the world has altered dramatically. It’s hard to imagine a business or organization that hasn’t benefited from technology advancements. The automation of numerous procedures and transactions to increase efficiency and improve people’s overall experience and enjoyment has been the most common role of IT in these businesses. The capstone project ideas described above are applicable to a wide range of sectors. It will aid in improving operational efficiency as well as the services provided to the project’s people or users.

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