List of 100 Algorithm Based Capstone Project

List of 100 Algorithm Based Capstone Project

What is a capstone project?

A capstone project is a subject or part of the curriculum where students will apply what they’ve learned through their undergraduate degree to solve a real-world problem. A student’s capstone project may vary depending on the track and specialization of the institution. Topics for capstone project includes but not limited to: database systems, web application, mobile application development, game development, machine learning and more.

The outcome of the Capstone Project is a solution that solves real-world problems in a form of software applications. It is also an opportunity for the student to showcase their skills in programming and research.

To select a capstone project is difficult for most students, that’s why this article will provide you with 100 capstone project titles and ideas that might help you. The list provided below focuses more on capstone project ideas with algorithm implementation.

List of 100 Algorithm Based Capstone Project
List of 100 Algorithm Based Capstone Project

Continue reading for additional information and suggestions for capstone project ideas in fields of machine learning, opencv, python, deep learning

  1. Development of Auto-Transplanter Device of seedlings
  2. Fake and Phishing website detection using Machine Learning Techniques
  3. Skin Disease Detection using OpenCV and Python
  4. Coral Plant Specie Identification using OpenCV Library
  5. Electricity Demand Forecasting System using Big Data and Machine Learning
  6. Automation of Chemical Spraying System using Smart Sensors
  7. Application of QR Code in Document Security and Validity
  8. Image Processing System For Digital Chest X-Ray Images
  9. Application of Expert Systems on Agriculture using various Machine Learning Techniques and Algorithms
  10. Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify Koi Eggs
  11. Blood Type Classification using Python and Deep Learning
  12. Cause Identification of Chronic Insomnia using Deep Learning
  13. QR Code Based Text To Speech Conversion
  14. Machine Learning Technique and Algorithm to Detect SQL Injection Attack
  15. Driver Drowsiness Detection System with Alarm Notification using Computer Vision and OpenCV
  16. Accident Detection in Traffic Surveillance using Machine Learning Algorithms
  17. Online Platform for Analysis Of Cephalometric Radiographs
  18. Vision Computing for Breast Cancer Detection and Classification
  19. Sign Language to Text Converter Application using Machine Vision
  20. Internet of Things (IoT) Based Automated Aquaponics
  21. Fish Size Classification using Artificial Intelligence
  22. Fingerprint Classification using OpenCV and Machine Learning Technqiues
  23. Vehicle Type Classification using OpenCV
  24. Early Detection of Plant Disease using Forecasting and Prediction Techniques in Python and OpenCV
  25. Mobile Based Currency Identification using Machine Vision and OpenCV Library
  26. Application of Computer Vision System to Identify Plant Diseases
  27. Mango Ripeness Identification using various AI technologies
  28. Hate Speech and Offensive Language Detection and Blocking in Social Media Platform using different Machine Learning Algorithms
  29. Hand Gesture-Based Character Recognition Using OpenCV and Machine Learning Algorithms
  30. COVID-19: Face Mask Detector with OpenCV and Python
  31. Brain Tumor Analysis and Identification using OpenCV and Python
  32. Application of Machine Learning and OpenCV in Dog Breed Classification
  33. Smart Voice Assistant using OpenCV
  34. Corn Yield Estimation based on Data Mining Techniques
  35. Application of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Sector
  36. Code Execution Monitoring
  37. Kidney Stone Diagnosis using Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  38. Application of Iris Recognition System for Attendance Purposes
  39. IOT Based Smart Door Project
  40. Mobile Application on Traffic Sign Recognition using OpenCV and Java
  41. The Rise of Virtual Conferences and Mobile Applications in the age of COVID-19
  42. Rice Quality Analysis and Classification Using Image Processing Techniques
  43. Rice Variety Classification using Machine Vision and OpenCV
  44. Vegetable Quality Classification using Image Processing Techniques
  45. Online Bus Pass Generation Using QR Code
  46. User Interface Test Automation using OpenCV
  47. Gesture Controlled Drone
  48. Machine Learning Based Assessment of Language Translation
  49. Dewey Decimal Book Classification using Machine Learning Algorithms and Genre Specific Datasets
  50. Machine Learning Model to Combat COVID-19 Fake News
  51. Leaf Disease Identification using Machine Vision and Image Processing
  52. QR Code Advertisements in Tourism Industry
  53. Learning Effectiveness Prediction Algorithm using Data Analytics
  54. Text Detection and Language Translation using Computer Vision Techniques and OpenCV
  55. Smart Pneumonia Detection in XRAY images using Machine Learning Techniques and Algorithms
  56. Object and Obstacle Detection Machine Learning Project used for Driving Automation
  57. Deep Learning Project on Bird Species Identification
  58. Intruder Detection System with SMS using OpenCV and Python
  59. Smart Accident Avoidance System based on Alcohol and Heartbeat Detection
  60. Smart Toll Collection using Raspberry PI and OpenCV
  61. IoT and Wireless Sensor Network in the Agriculture Sector
  62. Eye Disease Detection and Classification using AI and Machine Learning Algorithms
  63. License Plate Recognition System using OpenCV
  64. Traffic Violation Detection with Admin Panel using Python and OpenCV
  65. Camera Based Automated Attendance System using OpenCV and Machine Learning
  66. Vehicle Collision Alert System with implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms
  67. Parking Guidance and Information System using Wireless Sensor Network
  68. Tomato Disease Identification with Solution Recommender using K-Means Clustering
  69. Educational Portal using Augmented and Virtual Reality
  70. Fertilizer Nutrient Component Identification using Color Characteristics and OpenCV
  71. Stock Market Price Prediction using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  72. COVID-19 Detection and Diagnostic using Cough Sound Analysis
  73. Signature Verification System using Python and OpenCV
  74. Sign Language Recognition and Speech Translation Using OpenCV and Python
  75. Mental Health Monitoring using Facial Recognition Algorithms in Deep Learning and OpenCV
  76. Clound Based Platform for Agriculture and Irrigation Service
  77. Wearable Device to monitor Epilepsy with SMS Notification using Deep Learning
  78. Face Recognition Based Door Lock System Using OpenCV
  79. Implementation of OpenCV Library for Real-time Monitoring of Social Distancing used to combat COVID-19.
  80. IoT Based Vehicle Speed Monitoring using Python OpenCV Library
  81. Security Camera with Human Motion Detection using Python OpenCV Library
  82. SPAM and Unwanted Email Identification using Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence
  83. Baybayin Dataset for Text Recognition using OCR and OpenCV
  84. Smart Traffic Lights Monitoring System using IoT and OpenCV
  85. A Novel Method on Plant Identification System using MATLAB
  86. Counterfeit Password Detection using Computer Vision and Image Processing
  87. MRI Result Explanation using Deep Learning and Segmentation Methods
  88. Image and Video Restoration Techniques using Hybrid Algorithm Techniques
  89. Character Extraction from License Plate using Python and OpenCV
  90. Application of Sentiment Analysis in Suicide Prediction
  91. IoT Based Wearable Navigation Device for Blind People
  92. Plant Watering System in Arduino with Mobile App Controller
  93. GIS Based Dengue Risk Mapping with Cloud Database Integration
  94. Risk and Probability of Diabetes using Prediction Algorithm and Big Data Analytics
  95. Design & Implementation Of Iot Based Temperature Monitoring System Using Arduino Uno
  96. Medical Prescription Conversion to Readable text using OCR and Computer Vision Algorithm
  97. Drone Based Surveillance Camera with Facial Recognition using Python and OpenCV
  98. Automatic Speech Recognition System for Learning Different Dialects using Machine Learning Techniques
  99. Application of Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning in Health Related Information
  100. Deep Learning-Based System for Detection of Lung Cancer
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Top 35 Free School Related IT Capstone Project

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