Thesis and Capstone Project for IT, IS and CS Students

Thesis and Capstone Project for IT, IS and CS Students

Document Tracking System Free Boots...
Document Tracking System Free Bootstrap Template

List of Titles

Automated Lending Management System with SMS Notification ( and MySQL)

Book Shop Management System(C#, ASP, MySQL)

Brgy Certificate Issuance and Record Management System For Brgy (BCIRMS)

Enrollment System ( and MySQL)

Kingsland Inventory System 1.0

Nationwide Inmates Management System Using Biometrics Technology for (BJMP) Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

Office Record Management System ( and Access)

OJT Student TIME IN and OUT Monitoring System

Online Car Rental System with Paypal (PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL)

Online E-Commerce GOLF, WINE with Paypal Integration

Online E-Commerce Motorcycle with Repairshop System (PHP and .Net)

Online Hotel Reservation 2 versions (PHP and .Net)

Online Based Medical Record Management System (.Net CloudDB)

Online Medical Inventory of Stock And Requestor (PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap)

Patient Record Management System

Pet shop POS and Inventory System(

Probikes Online Ordering and Inventory System with SMS Notification (ASP.Net)

Resort Reservation Management System with Calendar (

School Kiosk Student Terminal

SMS Management System (MS Access Database)

Traffic Violation Management System with QRCode, SMS and Paypal Payment Method

Employee Payroll and Portal System Using Fingerprint Technology ( and PHP)

Exam Checker using OCR, OMR

Gas Fuel Management System

LAN Based Voting Management System 2 Versions (Facerecognition and Fingerprint)

Library Management System (Offline and Online Version)

LOG IN And OUT System (Fingerprint, Barcode, Face Recognition, RFID)

Online Biometric-based Fingerprint Grading System (Java, PHP and MySQL)

Online Criminal Reporting (PHP, Bootstrap and MySQL)

Online E-Commerce Dress Management System

Point Of Sales and Inventory System (C# and MySQL)

RFID Gatepass Monitoring System with SMS Notification (Arduino,, GSM)

School Attendance Management System

SMS Code Send and Receive (

Student Attendance Monitoring (Fingerprint and Face recognition Version )

Church Management System with SMS Notification

Online Dream Builder Housing (PHP, Bootstrap and MySQL)

Tablet Restaurant Ordering Management System in and MySQL

Temperature and Pulse Sensor (Arduino and

Veterinary and pet shop Management System in and MySQL

For more information please contact the developer of the enlisted systems above

Aldrin Palomares Velasco

Facebook Account:

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