Online Banking System in Springboot

Online Banking System in Springboot

Project Context

Daily, the banking sector conducts enormous transactions, making the fact that it would also be an enormous procedure to take into account very challenging. Modern technology has made many discoveries. It demonstrates how capable and effective everything that uses technology is, including applying this platform to the banking sector. The banking industry has adopted this strategy in order to have better, more transparent and more contemporary customer interactions. The researchers created the technology-based platform for the banking industry called “Online Banking System in Springboot” to correspond with the idea. This platform ensures that all business transactions go smoothly and that the banking industry expands and thrives.  In addition to making it accessible online, they suggested a system that is run by an application. This way, people won’t have to spend as much time using search engines to discover it, and researchers offer a system that is just a click away. This system will simulate a physical bank and be able to conduct transactions and carry out other operations just like a bank would in the real world. This system enables transactions between consumers and the admin, allows for the processing of deposits, and offers payment services.

The current system makes it more difficult for customers to physically visit the bank and takes a lot of time, especially for those who have busy schedules. Additionally, it is expensive for customers who live far from the bank, so the proponents have made some improvements as a result of this observation. They offer a method that will make every transaction online, which is extremely practical and economical. The proposed application can quickly complete transactions and carry out other tasks that the banking sector performs. Users can only access this if they have an internet connection and a device that can store the program, but this is not a problem because everyone already has one. Users will only need to log in once to do a transaction, at which point they will have access.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The primary objective of the study is to create and construct an “Online Banking System powered by Springboot” that is effective and efficient for transactions.

The system specifically aims to:

  1. offer a system that is accurate, dependable, and efficient in all aspects of transaction processing.
  2. offer a system that users can access at any time and from any location.
  3. provide administrators with a system that would make their jobs easier.
  4. develop a system that would enable users to check their account balances and transaction history, pay bills, and receive money without physically visiting the bank.
  5. provide easy communication between users and managers.

Importance and Significance of the Project

The following individuals/group will benefit from this system proposal:

Admin: Given that we are in the twenty-first century, if this plan were to be adopted in any banking sector, not only would the sector as a whole profit, but also the individual who oversees its operations. Admins and others will gain from this since they will have to deal with a variety of people, each of whom has a unique personality. They can only conduct business online, which is advantageous because it makes it simpler, quicker, and more effective. This technique will enable them to complete their task on time and prevent them from working overtime.

Users: Users won’t incur significant travel expenses only to visit banks; they can check their balances and other information at home. They may now complete transactions with just one click that are reliable, convenient, and as clear as crystal.

Researchers. Their programming skills and expertise will advance as a result of the project.

Future Researchers. They can use the research as a reference if they wish to develop their own version of the attendance system or enhance it.

Features of the System

  • Home Page/ Front-end – This feature shows the system’s home page, where you may access all of the system’s information from the dashboard, services, and the log-in and log-out functionality.
  • Login Module – This function will give the user a way to access the system. After logging in, the system automatically added the user to it.
  • Payments and Deposit Module – This is where all of the deposits and payments will be made. Through this module, they can conduct transactions using either cards or non-cash payment methods.
  • Admin Dashboard – displays the most crucial data that the administrator can access and manage.
  • Member Dashboard – displays the most significant records that members can access and manage.
  • Transaction History – This feature allows users to browse every transaction that was made on that particular day and freely search for those particular transactions.


Online Banking System in Springboot - Home
Online Banking System in Springboot – Home
Online Banking System in Springboot - Login
Online Banking System in Springboot – Login
Online Banking System in Springboot - Payment and Deposit
Online Banking System in Springboot – Payment and Deposit


This system is very important for both the admin and the end users in order to make it easier for customers to conduct transactions in a bank. To ensure the project’s success, the researchers offer a questionnaire that asks about all the necessary details, any ambiguities, and potential challenges that could arise when using the suggested method. The study’s findings demonstrated that the Online Banking System satisfied the conditions established for the project. The majority of respondents and the intended users have recognized the system’s potential to outfit bank centers to deliver services effectively.

The study’s researchers came to the conclusion that the initiative is successful in facilitating easier money management in banks. The system will make it easier for banks, members, and administrators to transact with one another. The study’s findings demonstrated the effectiveness and dependability of the created system.


The created system, Online Banking System in Springboot, has a great potential to fully support banks in their everyday operations. The system comes highly recommended for its effectiveness and dependability in serving the intended end customers. The knowledge necessary for properly utilizing the designed system should be available to the system’s intended users.

The researchers advise the following in particular:

  1. At order to efficiently streamline transactions involving processing of money and assets of a person, the system should be installed in bank centers.
  2. The established method is strongly advised because it guarantees quick and dependable transactions between members, beneficiaries, and bank employees.
  3. The use of an online banking system is strongly advised in place of conducting daily bank transactions and activities manually.

Credits to the developers of the project.



A manual procedure cannot handle the volume of transactions that banks do every day, including processing money (in and out), holding client funds, and making investments. It must have a platform that is effective and takes these daily operations and transactions into account. In this way, the researcher significantly improved the banking sector, enabling bank employees to carry out their responsibilities and tasks successfully and provide members with services that are precise and correct. In order to address all the issues raised by the manual procedure of keeping and storing money in the bank, the researcher created the “Online Banking System.” At this stage, bank employees may carry out their duties successfully and earn members’ trust, which gives them the chance to draw in new customers. The researcher strongly advises that the banks consider using the application because the system’s findings showed that it is dependable and efficient. The Home Page/Front-end, Login Module, Payments and Deposit Module, Admin Dashboard, Admin Dashboard, Member Dashboard, and Transaction History are only a few of the features that are advantageous. Spring boot is used to develop the application.

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