Online Store Management System Capstone Project

Online Store Management System Capstone Project

Proposed System

The researchers of the system Online Store Management System aimed to make work easily done and solve the problems that company usually encountered, it is for faster and easier for the management. This system can entered username and password, it is also accessible either by an employee and administrator, and it is very user-friendly.

The proposed Online Store Management System can manage the product items, add, delete and edit, look for sale rate, and so on. It includes stock keeping and staff update, this system can make a quick process to the admin and employees.

Online Store Management System Capstone Project
Online Store Management System Capstone Project

System Implementation

The proposed Online Store Management System was presented to the admin and employee. This system was designed and developed to solve problems and make your work done easily. The admin and users may take less effort in making transaction to the employee. Online Store Management System is a proposed system that was presented to the end users to recognized their suggestions and ideas for further enhancement and improvement of the system.  This is done through providing questionnaire to answer different questions, clarifications and difficulties that might be encountered upon operating the system.

Objectives of the study

  1. To let administrator manage the store in a convenient way.
  2. To provide users a platform in which they could easily shop.
  3. To manage the different products or category in the store.
  4. Automate every sales of the entire product.
  5. To provide fast, accurate and efficient way in updating all information in the system.

Significance of the study

The following groups or individual will benefit from this project:

Admin. It will help them improve the business process because the system can easily organize data about the store.

Employees. More easy and capable to them to have transaction to the clients.

Customers. If this project will succeed, customers will be hassle-free in terms of purchasing transactions.

Proponents. The proponents significant by this because this make their knowledge wide and even to their understanding.

Project Plan/ SDLC

In this study, the researchers need the software development life cycle (SDLC) an overall process which consists of six cycles.

First, the researchers determine the project requirements. This is where researchers determine the requirements of the proposed system such as software and hardware to be used. Second, the researchers gather data through conducting an interview to the management office to determine the important information needed for the system. Third, the researchers analyzed the data gathered from the management office. This is to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the system. Fourth,  the researchers design the system basing on the requirements specified.  This is where the design of the system is presented in a detailed and organized manner. Fifth, the researchers encode the codes while keeping in mind the previously defined requirements.  It is also performed in this stage the debugging process to determine the flaws of the codes and removed critical issues. In this stage,  the researchers make sure that the software work flow is stable.

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

the project can also be developed using CMS such as WordPress and Joomla

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