Online E-Waste Management System Capstone Proposal

Online E-Waste Management System Capstone Proposal

Nowadays, works are easily done by relying on technologies. Most people prefer the most convenient way of making their tasks. One of this is managing waste properly. Proper waste management will result to a secure living environment for all species on Earth. It is important to gain knowledge about proper waste management. Along with this, management of e-waste materials is very important. E-waste is growing, and with that surge comes the need for effective electronics recycling programs. The researcher of the proposed system Online E-Waste Management System aimed to provide a system that would help in managing the waste electronically.

Online E-Waste Management System Capstone Proposal
Online E-Waste Management System Capstone Proposal

The proposed system will made an improvement to the existing system of collecting electronic waste materials.

System Implementation The proposed system entitled Online E-Waste Management System was presented to the users. The researchers would provide questionnaire that would answer questions, clarifications, and difficulties that might be encountered upon operating the system. This process would further enhance and develop the system.

Objectives of the Study

  • To provide anytime anyplace service for collection of e-waste materials.
  • To provide system that would help in reducing electronic waste material from household.
  • To let user experience convenience in disposing and managing electronic waste.
  • To let the admins obtain statistic information about the problems effect by the e-waste material.
  • To provide a system that would help the admin and the user to have a convenient transaction in disposing e-waste material.

Significance of the Study

The following group or individual will benefit from the study:

User. This system will help them manage their electronic waste. This would not take so much of their time and effort. It will be convenient for them.

Admin. It will be easier for them to have transaction for the system is easy and convenient to manage.

Proponents. The proponents will significantly benefit from it. This can make them fully understand their task and get more information.

Project Plan/SDLC

The researchers of this project use Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). For this project, the researchers utilizes the six steps which are; determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analysing of data, system design and the coding phase. First, the researchers determine the requirements needed for the system. The researcher will decide what hardware and software will be used in the system. After the researchers determine the project requirements, it is time for them to talk to the management office to gather information and important details needed for the system. Right after gathering information the researchers will analyse the data to determine the necessary information needed for the system. Once, the researchers have the clear and detailed product requirements, it is time to design the complete system. The system design will have the understanding and detailing the complete hardware and communication setup for the product under development. Lastly, after designing the system the coding phase will start. The coding is performed based on the coding guidelines and standards. The code goes through numerous code reviews and is optimized for best performance before the final building of the system.

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