SMS Based Student Information System Review of Related Literature

SMS Based Student Information System Review of Related Literature

The following study, systems and published articles will serve as a guide for us to develop our own SMS based student information system. In addition, the following lists are the closely related topics based on our research project entitled SMS Based Student Information System.

SMS Based Student Information System Review of Related Literature
SMS Based Student Information System Review of Related Literature


SMS Based Information Student Information System

This paper presents a development of education services based on short Message service (SMS). The university as Educational organization has a lot of valuable information which can be provided to the students, such as grade release, enrolment information, university announcement, and internship opportunity. If the university can provide them on the SMS service, the students can get the information more easily and faster. They can request the information from the service provider at their own convenient time through their cellular phones. In comparison between the Independent and Dependent architectures, the former one tends to be superior in service providing management and revenue earned from services. The result of this study shows the implementation of the mobile education services using mobile phone, including its performance analysis.

Existing System Overview

The Assumption University has provided the education information services based on website since 2005. Some information such as academic record, enrolment information, and personal information can be accessed at tables are used by the system to provide that information. To provide the academic report, enrolment information, and personal information, the existing system uses Informix database that includes student table, Study courses table, and Study grade table. On the existing system, the users can get the information only from the web browser, which is provided by computer, PDA, and several high-end mobile phones. Not every mobile phone can access this system and the users must activate the GPRS facility to access the website from mobile phone. The proposed system is offering the SMS service which can be used by all the mobile phones. The user only sends the SMS to the system and the system will reply the answer back to the user as an SMS also.

Proposed System Overview

Before students can use the services, they must pay the services through the website. (1) Students can pay the services using credit cards or bank transfer. Based on the payment, user will get points or add the user’s balance which will be used to use the services. (2)After that, students can use the services and send the request to the SMS server. SMS server will check the ID and password and compare to the student database. (3) If the ID and password are correct, server will check user’s balance. If there are enough points, server will check the answer based on user’s request. (4) The answer will be sent to the user and the user’s balance will be deducted.

Short message service (SMS) text messaging as an intervention medium for weight loss.

Nearly 68% of American adults are obese or overweight. Mobile devices such as mobile phones have emerged as a mode of intervention delivery to help people improve their health, particularly in relation to weight loss. This literature review examines the relationship between the use of short message service (SMS) text messaging as an intervention medium and weight loss. Results from this literature review (n = 14) suggest that SMS as an intervention tool for weight loss is still in its infancy. Initial results are promising but continued investigation is needed. We offer several recommendations for future research.

Grading System via SMS

Innovation have made possible for the operations of the computer easy enough in processing record systems such as, creation of data records, storing, filing and retrieval of data. One of the responsibilities of the registrar office is to keep the student`s grades data secured for their records   and  purposes.

On the other hand, it intends to perform the following operations; study and develop the manual operation by the office of the registrar; find out what are the circumstances causes the delay of releasing of grades; minimize the time consumed in searching for the grades of the students in the filling and retrieval of data. To ease these difficulties in knowing the grades, a system using SMS or Short Message Service will be used. Since mobile phone seems to be a positive feature which most individual`s possess, and take almost in all places with them, it is therefore an extremely effective means of transporting information to them quicker and easier.

The researchers attempt to design and develop grading system which wants to enhance process and flow of the old system. It will also eliminate tons of papers used in computerized grading sheet per quarter, and summary sheet. The grade will directly encode in the online system by the instructors. Students can also view their grades anywhere and anytime in just one way using SMS.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) Language: Analysis on the Effects on Standard  Languages

This research is carried out to investigate the use of SMS in SIBU town and its effect on SMS users. The SMS has gained popularity among the mobile users. It creates SMS language which involve abbreviates words, Romanise words, code-switching and code-mixing in text messages. A pre-designed research instrument, questionnaire is used to conduct the survey, a total of 30 people responded. The data collected from surveying are analysed and interpreted. The findings show the SMS activities, how respondents abbreviate the words and obtain the opinion from them if shortening up words in SMS will corrupt standard language. Feedback is gained from the respondents if SMS corrupts standard language. Finally, conclusion is made based on the mini research and suggestions are given to prevent corruption of standard language from becoming worse.


Telemedicine via Short Messaging System (SMS) in rural Philippines.

The University of the Philippines National Telehealth Center extended its services to the Doctor-to-the-Barrios program of the Department of Health through Short Messaging System telereferral system. This system enables physicians from remote and underserved rural communities to refer cases to domain experts from the University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital. Two hundred eighty-four cases were sent in a six-month period.

Inventory and Monitoring System with SMS Notification

If a man gained profit by selling or buying goods to other people and he turned to it as his source for living. It is called Business. A Business can be in a single proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. To make a business manageable and organize it needs guidelines for procurement, product creation and selling etc to solidify its stand. As a Business grows demands up rises even competition, to compete with rivals solutions are generated to keep a certain company on top of others. Those solutions are quality materials, competitive employee, better understanding of product and today’s best solution is a fit Information System needed by company that will suit its needs in terms of transaction, data sharing and information management just to name few of which an Information System can progressively help a company to be the best among the best. Information System is the new game face in Business without its help a company’s goal and objective will not be met. Inventory management is the proper monitoring of the company to hold stocks. It can determine the incoming and outgoing of raw materials. It is commonly use to avoid the running out of materials to a certain company. The inventory management is said to be important because it helps to balance the stock of company.

In the other hand, the computerized inventory and monitoring of each company is said to be needed because it helps a lot for the convenient and satisfactory of each company “less job, less human works and most especially less expenditure”. Inventory is the act of counting the materials or goods in a certain company. It should monitor the in and out of raw materials.

Short Messaging System or SMS was a breakthrough for communication on this new generation. It was an alternative for calls just by simply typing in your message on an SMS capable phone.

Short message service (SMS) interventions for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted Infections.

Globally, the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STI) is rising, posing a challenge to its control and appropriate management. Text messaging has become the most common mode of communication among almost six billion mobile phone users worldwide. Text messaging can be used to remind patients about clinic appointments, to notify patients that it is time for STI re-testing, and to facilitate patient communication with their health professionals with any questions and concerns they may have about their sexual health. While there are a handful of systematic reviews published on short message service (SMS) interventions in a variety of health settings and issues, none are related to sexual health. We plan to conduct a systematic review to examine the impact text messaging might have on interventions for the prevention and care of patients with STIs.

Using a Ubiquitous Technology for M-Learning in Asia: Project MIND in the Philippines

More than a billion and a half people around the world now own a mobile phone. This gives educators the opportunity to explore the possibility of making the mobile phone an important educational tool in developed and developing countries. Specifically, the ubiquity of Short Messaging or SMS technologies has already been proven popular as a form of communication, particularly in Asia and Europe – more so than in North America. This paper describes the experience of a major project being underway, studying SMS mobile applications for non-formal educational

Development Tools:

We are going to use C#.Net language because we think that it is suited for our system to implement this to our chosen Clientele. And we believe that it is compatible to our system because C#.Net Programming is intended to be a simple, modern, general purpose, object-oriented programming language.



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