Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification Capstone Project

Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification Capstone Project

The capstone project entitled “Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification” will be used primarily in the automation of class attendance. C# and MySQL will be used for the development of the said capstone project. PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap is also a possible developments tools if the researchers decided to develop a web based or online version of the project.

Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification Capstone Project
Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification Capstone Project


The project entitled “Face Recognition Attendance with SMS Notification” is intended for checking and monitoring attendance using face recognition. The system will store the faces of the students in a database. The face database of the system will be used to recognize the detected image of the student for attendance. In addition, the system will also have an SMS feature that will send short messages to the registered number of the students. The SMS will contain the date and the time of the attendance recorded. The system will also notify the absentees via SMS.

Checking the attendance of every student is very important in an institution. Every institution have their own method in checking the attendance, the most common way of checking the attendance is through calling or signing in an attendance sheet which is very laborious and waste a lot of time and effort. Every institution needs an attendance system that will improve the conventional way and is more systematic.

This project aims to implement a system that will enhance the conventional way of checking the student’s attendance. The system will use face recognition with SMS notification. The system will consist a camera that will capture the faces of the students, and then this will be compared to the faces stored in a database for detection and recognition. After the captured image was successfully recognized, the system will then notify the student through SMS that the attendance was successfully recorded.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main purpose of this capstone project is to provide a database system that will automatically record the attendance of the student through the proposed facial recognition system.

Specifically, the capstone project aims the following:

  1. The system is capable of checking and monitoring the attendance of the students through face recognition.
  2. The proposed capstone project will have an SMS feature to notify the students.
  3. The system will serve as a record keeper for the attendance of the students.
  4. The output of the capstone project can provide an accurate present attendance of the students.
  5. The efficiency, accuracy, reliability and other factors that contribute to the overall performance of the system will be tested by the IT expert using the McCalls Software Quality Model.
  6. End-user will also test the functionality of the system and will rate the output based on the criteria of the ISO 25010 Quality Model in Use.

Significance of the Study

The following are the beneficiaries of this project:

Academic Institutions. This will help them eradicate the conventional method of checking the attendance. By using the system, they will have an accurate list of student’s attendance.

Teacher/Instructor. The system will lessen their work in checking and monitoring the attendance of the students.

Students. This will help secure that their attendance was recorded.

Researchers. The challenge of developing an information system will contribute to the knowledge and experience of the researchers.

Future Researchers. The future researchers may integrate the attendance system into a fully function classroom management system.

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