LPG Leak Detection with SMS Notification Capstone Project

LPG Leak Detection with SMS Notification Capstone Project

The capstone project entitled “LPG Leak Detection with SMS Notification” is a combination of software and hardware components. Arduino and the necessary sensors will be used for the hardware. The software side will use Java, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

LPG Leak Detection with SMS Notification Capstone Project
LPG Leak Detection with SMS Notification Capstone Project


The LPG Leak Detection with SMS Notification is a project that is intended for detecting LPG leakage. The system will have a gas sensor which will detect the LPG leak and then will sent a short message to the registered number of the user. The system will help in preventing hazards brought by LPG Leak.

Nowadays, a lot of households are already using LPG as a fuel for cooking. LPG is very convenient and easy to use at home but this also bring hazard and most likely will cause a fire if leaking. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is very sensitive and flammable and will likely cause a fire due to leakage and damages like damage in regulator and the old valve. Having no efficient and advance system in detecting LPG leak is very risky since this type of gas needs a special attention. There are times that the leak would not be recognized by human olfactory which increase the risk of the fire to be uncontrollable. This kind of situation needs a system that can help prevent hazard cause by LPG by sending immediate information to the owner.

To address the problems mentioned above, this project aims to implement a system that will immediately detect LPG leakage. The system use gas sensor to easily detect if there is a leak then will automatically sent an SMS to the registered number of the owner so that the dangerous gas leaks can be overcome and anticipated as early as possible. By using this system, the owner of the household would feel secure from the risk brought by fire.

Objectives of the Study

The capstone project will target the following specific objectives:

  1. The propose project will have a sensor to detect gas leakage.
  2. The system will notify the owner in case of LPG leak via SMS notification.
  3. The output of the project will let the user feel more secure and prevent fire occurrence.
  4. The system will be evaluated by IT experts to test the accuracy, efficiency and overall performance of the system.
  5. The capstone project will also be tested by the end-users to validate the features of the system.

Significance of the Study

Users. The system will help them prevent fire occurrence due to LPG leak. By being notified immediately, they can also quickly control the situation.

BFP. The Bureau of Fire Protection will also benefit from this system, this will lessen the number of fire incidents they are dealing with. They can also promote the system to be used by every household who are using LPG.

Researchers. The researchers will also be benefitted for they can contribute an IT based solution to their clients. It is also a way to showcase their skills in electronics, computer programming and database management.

Future Researchers. Since the schedule of capstone project is limited in terms of time, it is the role of the future researchers to upgrade the system. The output of this capstone project will be their basis and guide.

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