Online Video Rental Application with Android App Support

Online Video Rental Application with Android App Support

Most of population around the globe spent their time on watching videos and movies as for their entertainment. Most of them rent videos at the cable TV which is hard because they cannot get an update if ever they are far away from home. Thus the researchers of the system entitled online video rental application with android support made a better way in order to fill the gap between people who love watching videos.  They are proposing a system which is mobile device application online video rental for them to watch wherever they are. This system would not make them worry about losing access in cable TV because they can now stream online, they only need to have a data server I order to rent and watch. And what exciting the most is, it is an android support, so, it doesn’t matter if buyers/users are using android phone, they can now freely access.  The researchers made users feel valued because of reaching the satisfaction of the users.

Online Video Rental Application with Android App Support
Online Video Rental Application with Android App Support

The proponents made some improvement on the current system. The researchers made the system portable, easy to use, easy access and efficient enough to use. Unlike current system which create load of burden and cost because the buyers will visit store physically but now wherever they are for as long as the signal is good and the user has a data server they can now access and rent movies/videos. The proposed online video rental application with android support can make a quick process on renting or buying videos. They made the system a friendly user, all the movies that a user desired will be available and will be displayed at screen in an organised manner. And in terms of money transaction they can make it through online also. Thus in overall, both sides will gain advantage from this system.

System implementation

The proposed online video rental application with android support was intended for the end user, for their convenience. A trainer for the group of researchers provides questionnaire in order to answer all the questions, clarifications and difficulties that would be encountered on operating the system. Online video rental application with android support was designed by the researchers to solve problem regarding on renting a video. If this system will be implemented, then the users will possibly their lives happy because their wants are now served easily.

Objectives of the study

  1. To produce the system that will meet the need of the users.
  2. To make a system that would help gain more profit on the side of the owner.
  3. To create an online video rental system that is better than the current system.
  4. To develop system that would easily catch the attention of the buyers/renters.
  5. To design a system that is more convenient and has a comfortable environment for the users.

Significance of the study

Admins: they will benefit from system because they exceed users satisfaction which leads to large profits. Using an online system, will make the store known worldwide because of the platform, many can access to their store that means it can gain more profits.

Users: they greatly benefit from this because it lessen their effort on buying store physically, it lessen the cost and burden as well. Where ever they at in, they can access rental videos and can buy anytime anywhere. They can whatever they like whatever they wanted.

Project Plan/SDLC Model

In this system the researchers used the software development cycle (SDLC), an overall process which consists of six cycles.

First, is determining the requirements. It is where the researcher determines the requirements of the proposed system, whether software or hardware is to be used.

Second cycle is to gather data. This is where the researchers will conduct interviews to the management office in order for them to gather relevant data for the operation of the system. After gathering the data, it is time for them to analyse it.

Third cycle is to analyse. They analyse the data for them to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the proposed system to give some solutions.

Next cycle will be the phase designing, the researchers designed the system relating to the desire future. Specification and operation in detail and some conceptual model of the user requirements where produced.

The last cycle will be the coding. The researcher will encode all the codes with the helping hand of the technical expert to check if it has error or the program will debug successfully. The system will undergo testing using incorrect data, in order for them to determine the reliability of the system. Maintaining the system is also part of it.

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