Electronic Police Clearance System Capstone Project

Electronic Police Clearance System Capstone Project

Proposed System

Police Clearance is an official document issued by police or government agency of a country to enumerate anti criminal records that the applicant may have. Police Clearance contains the personal information of the applicant, fingerprints and details of the issuing agent. It is very important to have a fast and convenient way of acquiring such clearance because getting it manually takes a lot of effort and time. In the manual system, the applicant who needs police clearance personally went to the police station to get the requirement. It takes a lot of time and effort and is very hassle to the part of the issuing agent and to the person who needed it. Walk- in police clearance application usually takes 30 minutes to an hour unlike the proposed system that would likely not take much of your time. The proposed system would make a development in the existing system of police clearance application. The researcher of the proposed system entitled Electronic Police Clearance System aimed to provide a platform in acquiring a police clearance that is very convenient and hassle free. Using the system would not require so much time and effort. This system is very helpful for the issuing agent and to the person who is in need of police clearance.

Electronic Police Clearance System Capstone Project
Electronic Police Clearance System Capstone Project

System Implementation

Police clearance is very important to each individual because this will prove that the holder has no criminal or derogatory record based on the PNP database so providing an easier way on how to claim it is a must. The proposed Electronic Police Clearance System was presented to the end user. Through this process questions and clarification about the system will be answered by the end user. Also, suggestions will be accepted for the betterment of the system.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To provide a system that would make the process of verifying an applicant’s criminal records and biometric data a lot faster.
  2. To provide a system that is very convenient and efficient for the applicants and the issuing agent.
  3. To provide a system that will help the police department have a centralized database system.
  4. To provide a system that would make application for police clearance speedy.
  5. To provide a system where data are accessible, secure and reliable.

Significance of the Study

This project will benefit the following individuals or group:

Admin/Management. The system will help them manage transactions for police clearances, since everything has been organized. The management will be hassle free for they will not exert so much time and effort. This will help them process the application for police clearance in the most convenient way.

Clients/User. They will no longer waste a lot of their time in applying for police clearance, because the process is fast and also very convenient for them. They will feel secured as well.

Proponents. If this study succeeds, the proponents will definitely benefit from it. This study will enhance their knowledge about the project.

Project Plan/SDLC

In operating this system the researchers used the software development cycle (SDLC), an overall process which consists of six cycles. First, the researchers determine all the requirements that are needed for the developing of the system. The researcher will determine whether it’s hardware or software will be used in the system. After determining all the requirements for creating this system, now proceeds to gather relevant information; they will conduct an interview to the management. After gathering all the necessary information for the system, it is the time to analyse the data; this is where the researcher analyses the data to identify all the information needed for the development of the system. After that, the designing of the system, will takes place, in this cycle the researchers will design the system regarding to the requirement that specified, this is where the design is created in detailed. After the designing process, the coding phase will start. The last cycle, to finally build the system, the researcher should perform the last cycle, this is where they will encodes all the code for checking for the errors and debugging to know if it’s successful or not.

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