Mobile Based Airline Reservation System (Android and IOS)

Mobile Based Airline Reservation System (Android and IOS)

The capstone project entitled “Mobile Based Airline Reservation System” is a mobile based project for both android and iOS mobile operating systems. The said system is also connected to an admin panel where administrators of the organization or business can process the request of the mobile users.

Mobile Based Airline Reservation System (Android and IOS)
Mobile Based Airline Reservation System (Android and IOS)


The Mobile Based Airline Reservation System is a mobile based system for androids and IOS that provide users a portable platform where they can book their reservations ahead of time in a fast, accurate and a hassle-free manner. The system will be mobile based which makes it more available and accessible by the users. The system will have two sides, the user’s side and the admin side. The users are the clients who are in search of available flights and are those who wants a reservation. The admins are the one who are responsible for managing the flight schedules for a particular airline and book tickets in the class of the customer’s choice.

Due to the increase competition in the airline sector, organizations in this sector are aiming to improve the manual process of booking reservations into a digital reservation system. In the manual process, errors will highly occur such as inability of the passengers to have early reservation due to physical restrictions, the passengers will not be able to browse for more options in their preferred flights. Also in the manual process, passengers will not be quickly notified about flight cancellations and delays.

The system will solve the aforementioned problems for the convenience of the passengers. The system will enable the passengers to book reservations providing them a lot of option in their preferred flights and seats. The mobile based reservation system will also notify the passengers about flight cancellations and delays. The system will highly improve the manual system and provide great customer satisfaction.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the aim of this capstone project is to design and develop a mobile application based on the needs and requirements of the end-users.

Specific Objectives are the following:

  1. The system will assist the users in booking their reservations in an efficient and hassle-free manner.
  2. The system will let the management easily update the availability of their flights and bookings.
  3. The system will provide notification to the passengers about flight cancellations and delays.
  4. The system will also provide aircraft maintenance information for the passenger to be at ease while in flight.
  5. The system will be highly accessible, efficient and will provide up-to-date information.

Significance of the Study

Admin/Management. The success of this project will benefit the administrators. It will be easier for them to view and manage the users, add/modify the flight schedule, view the booked reservations and manage different flight details.

Users/Customers. The users who want to have airline reservations will have a convenient way to do it through this system. They don’t need to exert so much effort just to book for their reservations because it will be brought to them digitally.

Researchers. This capstone project will serve as a test and challenge for the researchers for they will now implement their knowledge on programming, system analysis and design, database management, web development as well as mobile development.

Future Researchers. The output of this capstone project is important for the next batch of researchers for it can be their basis for their future system development and capstone project.

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