IT and IS Capstone Project Topics May 2021

IT and IS Capstone Project Topics May 2021

In this article, you will find free IT and IS capstone project resources and ideas. We can guide and give suggestions on what are the best capstone project ideas in the field of information technology, information systems, and computer science.

The first step in your journey to start your own capstone project is to select a topic. Our team have prepared a list of capstone project ideas that would fit your requirements.

The following capstone projects are the list of ideas compiled and posted for the month of May 2021. Our website provides free capstone project resources which include the chapter 1 documentation, free download template, abstract and ERD or entity relationship diagram. Compiled ideas can be used in your projects in software engineering, system analysis and design, and capstone project subject. Always don’t forget to acknowledge the site as the source of the following free resources for the capstone project and related subjects.

IT and IS Capstone Project Topics May 2021
IT and IS Capstone Project Topics May 2021

List of IT and IS Capstone Project May 2021

  1. Arduino Based Alcohol Detector Capstone Project

One of the objectives and targets of this project is to help law enforcement officers to quickly detect and apprehend drivers under influence of alcohol.

  1. Mobile Based Farm Management Application Capstone Project

Farm Managers and Farm Owners are the main beneficiaries of this project. The said project could bring effective and efficient manner in the context of farm management system through automation.

  1. Faculty Deliverables Monitoring System with SMS Notification

The monitoring of deliverables with sms is an IT and IS based solution that could allow the faculty members to upload their requirements and deliverables online.

  1. Mobile Based Common Ailment Guide with Admin Panel

The general objective of the study is to develop an Android-based Common Ailment Guided that will be used to diagnose common medical problems and prescribe proper medication.

  1. Travel Destination and Events Portal Capstone Project

It is a web application designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. It is intended to cater the needs of the travellers in terms of travel and events related transaction and information. The project will let the management easily monitor registered users who inquire for travel and event packages.

  1. Bantay Baha Alert System with SMS and Push Notification

Another topic for IT and IS capstone project is the flood monitoring system. The users will stay updated in the event of floods since the system will send them SMS and Push notifications. Visit the article on the bantay baha project to know more the details of the project.

  1. Integrated Human Resource Management System Capstone Project

The project will enable companies and organizations to handle all activities related to HR management using this software. The page contains the chapter 1 components of the project such as the introduction, objectives and significance of the study.

  1. IQ Test with Monitoring Mobile App Capstone Project

The application will provide historical IQ charts for monitoring purposes, allowing users to track their progress and watch their mental abilities improve over time.

  1. OJT Timesheet Monitoring System using QR Code

This project is a contribution from one of our partners. The project is all about the time monitoring of OJT students. It is an attendance system that could monitor the number of hours rendered in the company or organization of the OJT student. You may contact the developer of the project for the complete source code of the system.

OJT Timesheet Monitoring System using QR Code - Scanning Page
OJT Timesheet Monitoring System using QR Code – Scanning Page
  1. Password Management Application Capstone Project

The program will be in charge of safely storing all of the users’ passwords. The application will make unique passwords for all of the user’s accounts, remember them, and get them typed in for online users.

  1. Mobile Based Event Ticketing App with Admin Panel

Capstone project on event ticketing app is a web and mobile based project. Admin panel will serve as the central repository of the project and mobile app is where the users or customers can process the transactions.

  1. Tailor Booking Management System Free Download Template

Another example of an IT and IS capstone project is about the tailor booking system. The system will automate keeping of tailor services records, customer information and orders, products and other transactions of the shop. Visit the link and download the front-end code of the said system.

  1. Android-Based Library Catalog App Capstone Project

IT and IS capstone project focuses more on web and mobile development. In addition, this capstone project is mobile application that is connected to the web application. It is an application that will help library users conveniently look for resources they need.

  1. Faculty Evaluation System Free Download Bootstrap Template

The system will automate the process of evaluating the faculty performance, from preparing the materials needed, evaluation proper up to the result of the evaluation. Visit the link for the free source code of the template.

  1. Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture

One of an IT and IS capstone project is an instructional application for agriculture. The main goal of this project is to design and develop another learning facility except the conventional way in learning agriculture which is the mobile-based instructional material.

  1. COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download

The system will track and manage the status and availability of the rooms so that information about where COVID-19 facilities are still available and capable of accepting COVID patients can be easily retrieved. Visit the link and download the template.

COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download - Dashboard
COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System Free Download – Dashboard
  1. Employee Leave Management System Free Download

The system will help them in processing the leave requests of different employees. The system will ease up the job of the in-charge staff that manages the leave applications. The used of the system will lessen the problem that they might encounter in the organizations regarding leave applications.

  1. OJT Records Monitoring System

Visit the link to the download the template on OJT Records Monitoring System. It could be one of the IT and IS capstone project that you can propose and make enhancements that will serve your purpose.

  1. First Aid Mobile Application Free Documentation

The proposed capstone project is a web and mobile based application designed to provide informative resources on first aid. The proposed project has an online resources server, mini dictionary, quiz application and it can be used in an offline mode.

  1. Repair Shop Management System Free Download

Another IT and IS capstone project that you should consider is the repair shop management system. It is a dynamic system wherein any type of repair shop could use it. For a start you could download the template of the project and revised it based on your requirements and needs of the shop.

  1. Online Donation Platform with SMS Free Template

This article is a free template on online donation. The proposed capstone project would streamline donation transactions and processes between donors, recipients, and the DSWD.

Online Donation Platform with SMS Free Download - Admin Dashboard
Online Donation Platform with SMS Free Download – Admin Dashboard

Listed below are the advantages of Online Donation Platform for DSWD with SMS Notification:

Automated Donation process- by using the system donation processes will be automated which is more effective in managing donation transactions.

Records Management – it is a database system which makes the records of donations electronic, safe, accurate, reliable and fast.

Fast Transaction – the system will let the completion of transaction quickly to address multiple request.


Capstone project is a subject wherein students will need to provide a solution for a specific problem. Keep in mind that in order to provide a solution, you should think of all the aspects and prepare it with a structured plan and activities. Capstone project is also a venue for the students to practice and utilize their skills in programming, research and communication skills. The list provided above will serve as a guide and don’t forget to give credits to the website.

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