Conceptual Framework of Face Recognition Attendance

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification

The capstone project entitled “Framework of Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification” is an information system specifically focuses on attendance monitoring using facial recognition algorithms. In addition, the system also has a SMS feature that sends a message to the person registered mobile number.  The content of the message includes the date and time of the attendance.

Scope and Limitation

The project is only limited to a specific institution since the features are clearly identified by their stakeholders. It includes attendance system through facial recognition algorithms with SMS notification. The said project is a network based system that only runs on the local area network of the organization.

Conceptual Framework

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification - Diagram
IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification – Diagram

Figure 1.0 Conceptual Model of Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification

The study is guided based on the Logic Model Approach to design, develop, implement and basis for identifying and measuring the impact of the utilization of Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification.


Brainstorming – the researchers have gathered to discuss what will be the capstone project to be conducted for the requirements of the course. After the discussion the researchers decided to conduct a study on face recognition with SMS support or notification.

Problem Identification – the researcher’s next step is to identify the problems encountered in the current or manual process of attendance monitoring and record keeping.

User Requirement and Conduct of needs assessment – as part of the research protocol; the researchers have conducted the needs assessment to specifically capture the needs of the users. In this part, the researchers have also conducted an interview and observation in order to experience it in first-hand the problems and difficulties of the manual process of records management. A user requirement is very important since they will be the one who will be using the system.

Project Proposal – this is the stage where the researchers will put into papers the output and result of needs assessment, interview and other data gathering procedure. This is also the part where the chapter 1 documentation will be presented. The said chapter includes the introduction, objectives, scope and limitation and the possible beneficiaries of the project. Literature review will also be conducted since it is part of the proposal process; it is the chapter 2 part of the documentation.


ERD – entity relationship diagram represents the structural data model of the project. This is where the framework or outline of the database will be done. It is usually created in order to present to the client for validation and verification purposes.

Database Design – the output of the ERD is the input for this part. The ERD will be transformed into the database, in this project the researchers will use SQL server.

Project Development – this is the programming stage of the project. The researchers will use C# and SQL server. Form design and functionalities of the project belongs to this part of the research.

Testing – the project needs to be tested before it will be implemented with dummy data and information. The dummy data will then be deleted in preparation for the live and actual data. IT experts and end-user are part of the testing phase and they are very crucial because validation and verification of the system features will be properly checked by them.


The output of the capstone project is a functional Face Recognition Attendance with SMS notification based on the specification of the users and respondents. The project is capable of handling records of attendance and notifies the person through the text message or SMS. The institution may consider to replace the manual method instantly or they may use a parallel method to validate the accuracy of the system.


  • Centralized database system that can store the person identification and attendance record
  • The Attendance system may be integrated into another system such as the payroll and other information systems


Effective and Efficient Records Management and Processing of Information

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