House Rental System Capstone Project

House Rental System Capstone Project

Proposed System

As population grow bigger, the need to find a home is very difficult nowadays. Therefore this will be the time to embrace and appreciate the power of technology. Tenants are not only one who’s having a hard time to find home to rent, the owner as well are struggling on running the business for they don’t have that easy way to manage the business. Thus, the researcher of the proposed system entitled House Rental System aimed to provide a strategy that could facilitates an easy management for rental houses. This system will simplify the work of the rental management and for them to perform an effective and efficient service to the tenants. This system will develop in well manner; this will be a user friendly system. The system contained the houses form, rent payment form and tenant’s registration form. The development of the system will give solution to all the problems experienced with the current manual system.  The house rental system is based both by the needs of the tenants and the owners. This is the perfect solution for the owners who faced a management difficulties,  like it is easy for them to check the due dates of payment, to determine who’s tenants are paid or not, and all the information’s about their tenants has been recorded to that system so that it will never a hassle for them find it. This system has also a worth for the tenants side because they will no longer feel difficulties in finding a house to stay and very convenient to use.

House Rental System Capstone Project
House Rental System Capstone Project

Without this system all work / process were done manually with lots of paper work involves. All the information has been record though papers which there is a big possibilities of losing all the data, it is also expensive to keep on buying stuffs to store all the records papers. This system consumes time and space. Thus, the researchers made some improvement to avoid all of this unhelpful in fulfilling the task or job. This system provides the best especially for the goodness of the business.

System implementation

The proposed house rental system was presented for the end users and owners. the researchers provides questioners to determine some information on how the rental houses currently being managed, clarification regarding on the operation of the system and difficulties that might encountered in creating the system. The system was really made for this generation where people are easily get hassle of roaming around finding a house for rent and hassle for the owners on posting some commercials about the rental house everywhere. The implementation of this system will be a dynamic approach, so that people has the privilege to choose a house according to their choice.

Objectives of the Study

1.) To develop a system that allows the user to view customers data as well as houses record and owner’s information.

2.) To produce a hassle free, convenient to use system both to the owner and tenants.

3.) To create a system management that would store all the necessary information for the owners and tenants benefits.

4.) To provide a satisfactory service for the goodness of the business relating to a house rental system

5.) To make a change from a service that causes burden to a service that easy and fast.

Significance of the study

The following groups/individual can benefit by this system:

Owners. Implementing this kind of system will give much advantage especially to the owners who are able to increase their profit because these systems will surely easy to catch tenants. As the tenants increase the data as well increases, so it’s difficult for the owners to keep all the records using tangible files, and has a huge potential damaging and losing data but with these system owners wouldn’t  find it difficult because it is designed for them, all the tenants record or information are stored in a data base which far from losing and in terms of finding someone’s information it easy for them to locate it because everything has been put in an organize location. 

Tenants. this system will give tenants the best service in renting houses without any hassle. They would not apprehend if  it is liable or not because they can verify if the agent or the owner are legit or not, the system helps them avoid from any kind of harms also because all the information the renting is stored in one location so that they can’t verify if it’s true or not.

Project Plan/SDLC Model

In this study, the researcher’s uses SDLC model, consist the six cycles which are: determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analyzing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, the researchers determine all the requirements that are needed for the developing of the system. The researcher will determine whether its hardware or software will be used in the system. After determining all the requirements for creating this system, now proceeds to gather relevant information; they will conduct an interview to the management. After gathering all the necessary information for the system, it is the time to analyze the data; this is where the researcher analyzes the data to identify all the information needed for the development of the system. After that, the designing of the system, will takes place, in this cycle the researchers will design the system regarding to the requirement that specified, this is where the design is created in detailed. After the designing process, the coding phase will start. The last cycle, to finally build the system, the researcher should perform the last cycle, this is where they will encodes all the code for checking for the errors and debugging to know if it’s successful or not.

Development Tools: 

  • Visual Basic and MySQL
  • PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

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