File Management System in PHP and MySQL

File Management System
File Management System

File management system is a file system that is used to organize and keep track of files. Users need not browse through network folder but instead are given instant result, and are provided a system where files can be accessed anytime and anywhere over the Internet. The Web-based File Management System will minimize or eliminate lost of files or lost of work of faculty and students. Faculty and students can actually manage, edit, share and approve content or files from their computers.

The web-based system will be used particularly for easy and fast uploading and downloading of files efficiently, securely and provides a reliable back-up. A user management and online help are also added to the features of the Web-based File Management System.

Therefore, with the advancement of technology, easy access and management of information is important. The main point of the proposed system is the development of an organizational tool that will assist with the filing, storage and retrieval of paper or electronic documents of the faculty and students.

Significance of the Study

The design and development of a web-based file management system will be beneficial to school administrators, staff, faculty, and students. The proposed system will improve the operations of the school particularly in file handling.

This study is also beneficial to the researchers. It will give the researchers the opportunity to further develop their skills in web design and system development, and improve the research and thesis writing skills of the researchers. For the future researchers, the result of this study will encourage other researchers    to   conduct    further   studies   in file management systems.

Faculty and Students are the users of the system. The system can provide the following to the Faculty: Uploaded files, List of users, and report. The students are provided with Uploaded files.

Development Tools

  • XAMPP 2.5
  • NotePad++
  • Twitter Bootstrap

These software tools are used to develop the design and screen forms as well as the database and server of the proposed system to come up with a good and high quality product.

Login Details:

Username: admin

Password: password

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