Storage Removable Media Protection using Clotion Algorithm

Storage Removable Media Protection using Clotion Algorithm


This study motivated the researchers to create software on data protection against removable storage media using Clotion Algorithm. This is to ensure protection and security of private and public computers, and USB flash drives from copying of data or files; stealing of confidential information; and installing malicious malware.

Such software – based security solution follows a detailed procedure that can be easily understood by the user. This includes: First, detection of installed device; Second, identification of the installed device if it is an external device or a removable storage media; Third, immediate installation for external devices while password application for removable storage media; Finally, quick access of files in the computer and storage media if password entered is similar with the one programmed on the software. This software runs invisibly and automatically upon installation   of any device; easy to operate for it is programmed with easy to understand icons and friendly descriptions; with customized password wherein users can choose a password of their own from one character to a maximum of sixteen characters


General Objective

This study aims to create data protection against storage removable media using  Clotion Algorithm algorithm.

Specifically this study aims to:

  • Detect and Identify a removable storage media and USB input device using Clotion Algorithm
  • Disable/Enable a removable storage media with a password
  • Manage storage removable media access privileges


The results of this study would be advantageous and significant to the following:

Students. The results of this research work might help students, in all levels and in different courses, to be creative and imaginative in making research papers and other related activities for “copy and paste” attitude is prohibited; teach them to be resourceful and patient for they will be oblige to go to the library to research for additional data or information about their projects, term papers, reports, and the like; develop honesty in everything that they do and respect for others when it comes to the privacy of their outputs in school; and boost self-esteem for they will learn to value themselves by the satisfaction and joy that each finished task brought them.

Instructors/Professors. The conclusions of this study may benefit educators in terms of the confidentiality of their innovations in their chosen field like classroom management styles, teaching strategies, and the like; security of their testing materials; and preservation of the originality of their researches.

Information Technology. The findings of this research paper may boosts software developers and IT specialists’ morale and lift up their desire in creating software and other related innovations for the betterment of our society and for a more secured and convenient future.

Business. The outcome of this investigation may encourage more individuals to engage in business and commerce for trust exists in society due to confidentiality and security of data of employers and employees, business proposals, and the like. With such, more businesses will be established that will lead to more employment.

Future Researcher:  The results of this investigation serve as reference material when conducting a similar study on this software. Moreover, they can study the application as their benchmark for further enhancement.


This research paper focuses on the installed software that protects computers and removable storage media from duplicating data or files, stealing of information, and installing malware through Clotion Algorithm.

The software designed by the researchers initially identifies the type of device inserted to the computer’s port. If it is an external device, the software will automatically allow the program to run but if it is a storage device, a duplicate password registered on the program is needed to be entered in order to have access on the data stored in the computer and storage media. Upon entry, the user may type and save new files; read or view files; edit data; download music, movies, data, and the like; watch movies; listen to music; and play computer games. All these can be done in the computer via storage media or vice versa. On the other hand, such software prohibits access on the computer and storage media for wrong password; possible entry of suspicious and risky software; and replication of files.

The study is limited only to the removable devices that have USB ports.  The software cannot read other external storage media that is not USB, such as; CD, DVD, and floppy drive. The software will only be limited to the password given by the administrator. The user will just be responsible for the security of their password.

Credits to the develop/researcher of the project.

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