Patient Health Monitoring System Capstone Project

Patient Health Monitoring System Capstone Project

Proposed System

The extent use of technology and smart devices in medical fields has brought a huge effect on the world’s health care. In this present time, most of the Hospitals are already uses an Internet of things which they find more convenient, easy access, and an effective way to monitor the patient’s condition because health should be given more importance in life. In conjunction, the researchers of the propose system named Patient Health Monitoring System aimed to build a system that is suitable for observing or monitoring  the patients  vital parameters  conditions such as body temperature, pulses and heart rate. This system serves as a tracking device that uses sensor to track the patients’ health conditions. This device system will automatically alerts the medical staffs, if it detects abnormalities in patient’s conditions. Through signal, it warns the medical staffs. All of the information about the patients’ health will kept on the cloud that enables the medical doctors to continuously monitor the health of the patients.

Patient Health Monitoring System Capstone Project
Patient Health Monitoring System Capstone Project

The existing basic monitoring system of patients conditions were done manually which cost burden to medical staffs especially when there are huge number of patients in that particular hospital and they need to move physically in order to check one person to another, with that it is impossible for the medical doctor to monitor patients continuously that will lead them to an unconscious emergency that would possibly happen to the patients. Thus, the researchers of the system made huge improvement by creating and ideal system that is error free, good, and intelligent technique that lessens human effort and time and easy access to everyone.  The proposed system provides easy access on both parties. The patient has the tools to determine their health or parameter vital condition through viewing or retrieving the information regarding on their health. In addition, the medical staff has also a privilege to view or easy monitor the health of their patients with a hassle and burden free.

System Implementation

The proposed Patient Health Monitoring System designed for the end users. The researcher provides some questionnaires, clarification regardless on the system and difficulties that might encountered while operating the system. The system was made for the convenient of the both parties.  It makes easy for them to access information they’ve wanted relevant to the patients’ health conditions since this system is advanced. The time of both sectors will no longer be wasted for they don’t have to be physically present in order to check the information.

Objectives of the Study

1.)  To keep all the data of the patients at centralized and organized location

2.) To create a system that is less error collects data in less time and more accurate.

3.) To provide a system that comfortable, friendly and easy to use for a better patient experience.

4.) To play an important role by saving the patient life at emergency times.

5.) To make a system that will collect data such as temperature, heartbeat and pulses which are used to assess the patient health conditions and  for the easy to find information.

Significance of the study

This following persons or group will benefit from this system

Administrators.This system will definitely benefit the Admin for it will help them improve the recognize accuracy because they can get all the necessary patient data at hand. Through this system, they can monitor the patient continuously even if they are not physically in the premises of the hospitals. Also this system will automatically alerts them wherever they are thus they can do their individual job without a hesitations

User/Patients. It benefits by reduces cost on time and money by visiting the hospitals because the patients gets a health service at home, so no need for them to visit as well as to avoid doctors or nurses to visit their home unnecessarily, over all it helps the cut down cost for read missions.

Project Plan/SDLC

The researcher of this project uses Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this project the researchers applies the six steps which are: determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analyzing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, the researchers determine all the requirements that is need for the developing the system. The researcher will defined whether hardware or software will be used in the system. After they determine all the requirements, they will now proceed to gather relevant information; they will conduct an interview to the management. After gathering all the necessary information for the system, it is the time to analyze the data, this is where the researcher analyze the data to identify all the information needed for the development of the system. After that, the designing of the system, will takes place, in this cycle the researchers will design the system regarding to the requirement that specified, this is where the design is created in detailed. After the designing process, the coding phase will start. this is the last cycle, the researchers will encode all the necessary codes to build up the system, this is also the time to if there are errors or the program will successfully run or debug.

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