College Management System in NodeJS and MySQL

College Management System in NodeJS and MySQL

Project Context

In today’s digital age, developed technologies have revolutionized how numerous industries and institutions operate, and educational institutions are no exception. Educational institutions use much technology to aid study and administration. To automate work, each college department employs a unique set of software and digital technologies. Technology improvements help schools improve and systematize their operations. Every educational institution necessitates effective school administration. School management that is effective moves the school ahead. It helps schools achieve short- and long-term goals, as well as improve school operations and services to stakeholders.

The capstone project, “College Management System Project in NodeJS and MySQL,” is a computerized system that will improve upon existing college management systems. It is a platform designed to manage all elements of school administration using Node.js and MySQL. It will simplify numerous management operations, including student management, teacher management, subject management, class management, among others. The school’s information and records will be conveniently accessible. The developed system will enable school administrators to manage all of the aforementioned administrative areas from a single convenient location. Adoption of the technology will transform the manual college management system into a digital one. The proposed software will make school management easier and less difficult for school administrators. The introduction of the system will solve all computerization-related school concerns and relieve anxiety among school officials.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – Using Node.js and MySQL, the researchers hope to design, develop, and implement applications that will digitally alter college administration.

  1. The following are the project’s specific goals:
  2. To create a system that will act as a centralized platform for managing various aspects of college administration.
  3. digitalization of college management processes and operations
  4. Improve the colleges’ operational efficiency in meeting the needs and demands of stakeholders.
  5. To improve and maintain the accuracy of information used in college administration.
  6. To put in place a mechanism that will aid in the development of the institutions and better fulfil their purpose.
  7. To assess the system’s user acceptance in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, quality, timeliness, and productivity.

Importance and Significance of the Project

The project is a database-driven system that handles all college-related activities and transactions. The system will make managing various college operations and transactions easier for college administrators and management. It is a database system that converts paper college documents into electronic documents that are safe, accurate, dependable, and speedy. The system automatically generates reports based on accumulated data and information from the college’s many administration departments.

The following individuals or group will benefit from the success of the study:

Colleges. The project’s success will greatly help colleges. It will improve and systematize management procedures and systems.

Researchers. Their project-management experience will broaden and strengthen the researchers’ knowledge and skills.

Future Researchers. The study will be used as a reference for future system improvements or if they decide to pursue the same endeavor.

Features of the System

  • CMS – Content Management System – this is used to easily built up a system and easily manage it.
  • Student Management – this module is used to manage the details of the students in the system. The admin can add, edit, update or delete data of the student.
  • Teacher Info Management – this feature of the system will allow management of the teachers in the system. The admin can add, edit, update or remove data from the system.
  • Course Management – this module is used to manage courses offered by the colleges in the system. The admin can add or remove courses registered in the system.
  • Teacher Loading – this module is allow to manage teacher loading in the system. The admin can add or assign subjects to the teachers. The college management system teacher subject assignment module can streamline the process of teachers assigning subjects to students by automating the process. This would allow for teachers to be able to assign subjects to students without having to go through the process manually. This would save time and allow for more accurate assignments. In addition, the module would allow for the tracking of student progress and would allow for the timely delivery of subjects to students. This would improve student retention rates and overall college success.
  • Attendance – this module will allow management of student’s attendance in the system. The attendance module of the college management system can assist in streamlining the process of recording students’ attendance for classes. The module may automatically create reports and be used to track attendance for each class. This can make it much easier for teachers and administrators to determine which students are present in which classes. The module can also assist in identifying pupils who regularly miss class. The student can utilize this information to learn more about their attendance history and to engage in their coursework.
  • Assignment Management – this module will allow management of assignments in the system. This will allow the teachers to add assignments of students.
  • Grade Management – this module will allow the admin to manage the grades of the students in the system. Grade management in a CMS typically encompasses the following functions: tracking student grades, assigning grades to courses and/or exams, and reporting grades to students, faculty, and administrators. In order to track student grades, a CMS typically employs one or more of the following grading methods: traditional grading (grading by hand), grade point averages (GPA), or grading systems that use a combination of traditional and grade point averages. Typically, a CMS also allows administrators to create custom grade distributions and report grades on a per-student, per-course, or per- exam basis.


College Management System in NodeJS and MySQL - Student Dashboard
College Management System in NodeJS and MySQL – Student Dashboard
College Management System in NodeJS and MySQL - Admin Dashboard
College Management System in NodeJS and MySQL – Admin Dashboard

Credits to the developer/author of the project.



The result of the study determined that the constructed College Management System built with Node.js and MySQL is a helpful and efficient platform for educational institutions to use. The established system will address all modern college management problems, such as student management, instructor management, test management, and others.


The researchers advise colleges to deploy and use the technology as a consolidated platform for college administration. The system’s adoption is strongly advised due to the efficiency and dependability it may bring to end customers. The researchers advocate that schools implement the approach since it will make college administration simple, quick, efficient, and accurate.


The capstone project, “College Management System Project in Node.js and MySQL,” is software that allows an educational institution to digitally update college management. It is a platform designed to manage all elements of school administration using Node.js and MySQL. Colleges are managed manually; yet, due to rapid technological improvements and rising stakeholder demand for services, school administration must evolve. The researchers gathered information from several colleges in order to find and analyze existing college administration practices. The researchers then proceeded to the software development process. The completed system underwent numerous verification, testing, and evaluation stages.

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