Taxi Mobile an Android Based Taxi Booking Application

Taxi Mobile an Android Based Taxi Booking Application

Development of the capstone project entitled “Taxi Mobile an Android Based Taxi Booking Application” will focus on the mobile development. To be specific, the said project is only available for android users. Output of the study can be used by the taxi drivers and passengers. In addition, the project has also a web admin panel where profiles of taxi drivers and passengers are stored and recorded. Furthermore, the web admin also consist of reporting tools and statistical records.

Java, Kotlin or PWA or progressive web application are the option of the researchers or developers for the mobile development. PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap are the ideal development tools for the web admin panel.

Taxi Mobile an Android Based Taxi Booking Application
Taxi Mobile an Android Based Taxi Booking Application


The capstone project “Taxi Mobile an Android Based Taxi Booking Application” is an android based platform for booking taxi. The application is intended for taxi passengers and drivers, wherein their transactions will take place.

Transportation has been part of people’s everyday routine. Due to the rapid growth of population, the need for transportation also increases. One of the mostly used transportation nowadays is taxis. In the conventional way, hailing a taxi cab are done manually, passengers would wait in the streets for taxis to pass by. This manual process could cause delay and very inefficient to cater and reach out for more passengers.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the above mentioned problems is to design and develop an android based taxi booking application. The taxi booking application will be utilized by passengers and taxi drivers for better and faster transaction. The passengers will download the application and then register to use it. The application works by allowing the user input his/ her location using the application. The list also of possible amounts to be paid will be display before the passenger clicks the Get the Taxi Cab button. After confirming, the request will be sent to taxi drivers within the vicinity. The drivers can either reject or accept the request of the passenger depending on their availability. By using this application, the passengers can conveniently book a taxi. The taxi drivers also will have a better customer service and can be reached out by more customers.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this capstone project is to design and develop an android based taxi booking application for efficient and convenient transaction between passengers and drivers.

The specific objectives are the following:

  1. To design a system that will serve as a platform for transaction in hailing taxi.
  2. Develop an application that is easy and convenient way in getting a taxi.
  3. System development and features of the project is intended for the drivers and the passengers.
  4. The system will improve customer service and reach out more customers.
  5. Capstone project will be evaluated into two parts.
    1. Expert evaluation – this evaluation has two parts, the initial and final testing. The purpose of the evaluation is to make sure that the project is of good and quality software. The said evaluation will be based on the predefined sets of criteria.
    2. User Acceptance Testing – the project will be tested by the end-users. Taxi drivers and passengers will test the application since they will be the target users of the project.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals/ group will benefit from this project:

Passengers. Implementation and the success of this project will benefit them by providing them a system wherein they can book taxis conveniently for their everyday transportation.

Taxi Drivers. Output of the capstone project could improve the services they could offer to their passengers.

Researchers. The success of this capstone project will give them the opportunity to help in the issues were facing in terms of transportation. The success also of this project will made them realize their potential in providing tech able solutions for different problems.

Future Researchers. Outputs in terms of documents and system is very important to the next batch of researchers. They can use this research paper as basis if they wish to pursue similar study.

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