Grade Management System using Visual Basic 6

Objectives of the Study

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The main purpose of the study is to develop a Student Grade Management System that will promote awareness and transparency for the students, faculty, and school administrators to help them improve in monitoring their academic performances and thereby contribute to the school’s progress.

Significance of the Study

Student Grade Management System will bring significance to the following:

Students. This will help students’ awareness in their academic performances, and will serve as their personal reference in evaluating how they performed academically.

Faculty. Gives reliable information in tracing their students’ academic performances, and serve as basis on the program development to attain high quality education.

Department Chairman. Helps in the students’ information management through student grade management system.

Researchers. Helps the researchers to develop their thesis writing skills, programming and analysis skills as well as their ability to give solution to a certain threat.

Future Researchers. Serves as basis for further study with regards to student grade transparency.

System Flow

The system administrators will set the Students’ and Faculty Information, Subject info, Faculty subject assignments, Student subject enrolled, school year, section, year level, and grade criteria. The faculty will then give students term grades and grade updates. The students can only view their respective grades given by the faculty.

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