Automated Entrance Examination System

Through the use of Automated Entrance Examination System, it will provide faster transaction and results of the test is generated in less time.


The system is a network-based system; it has a server side and a client side.

The server part of the system will manage all of the questions, for security reasons the administrator of the system is one who can add, update and delete the test questions. The examination result will be automatically generated after students have done taking the exam.

The client side is where the students will take the exam. The questions are randomly generated on each machine or computer, meaning the question displayed in your monitor will not be the same on another, so cheating is impossible (maybe).

Significance of the Study

Most of the colleges nowadays use an Automated Entrance Examination System.

The Following will be benefited by this system:

Guidance Counselor and Assistants. The system will automatically compute and rank the scores, thus the guidance counselor will no longer check the hundred folds of examination papers which is prone to errors. They can now focus on their other responsibility.

Incoming Freshmen Students. Because entrance examination will be done through computers, students who will take the entrance examination will no longer bring any pencils and as soon as they finished the examination, results will be released.

Researchers/Future Researchers. This will serve as a reference for future researchers to further improve the status of this information system.


Below are the researchers’ recommendation based on the findings and conclusion of the study.

  1. In order to have a high performance in conducting the college entrance examination, the manual system should be replaced by automated one, thus, Automated Entrance Examination System is highly recommended.
  2. Guidance office personnel who are responsible for conducting college entrance examination should be given training or seminars regarding with the use of Automated Entrance Examination System and what advantages does it bring to the institution.
  3. The examinees should also be given a brief seminar on how to use the Automated Entrance Examination System.
  4. Thorough research and investigation may provide additional information regarding the advantages of using an Automated Entrance Examination System in an institution.

Due to the size of the file we’re unable to upload the system. The source code will be posted after we have optimized the compressed the file.

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