Web Based Entrance Examination Database Design

Title:  Web Based Entrance Examination Database Design


The system can give reference number to the examinee before taking the exam. Then the systems database will provide the list of the entire applicant who takes the examination as well as their complete profile and examination. This data will help the Guidance Counselor who among the applicants passed the entrance examination and who qualifies to enroll in the institution. With the help of Decision Support System which utilizes decision models a database and decision makers it can help the student the course they belong or qualified.

The system is a web based project, PHP/Javascript will be used as the programming/scripting language. For the user interface or the design or the project the researchers will use HTML, CSS and Javascript and for the storage or the database we will use MySQL/MariaDB.

Database Schema with description of table:

Category table stores the list of topics with a specified time limit.

tblcategory(id, name, timelimit)

tblchoice table holds the answers of the students in the examination. This is connected to the question table.

tblchoice(id, questionid, choice, answer, file)

Course table stores information about the course, coursecode and the passing score required in order for the students to enroll in the course.

tblcourses(id, coursecode, coursename, passingscore)

tblexamschedule table stores information about the date and the time of when the exam will start and when it will end.

tblexamsched(id, description, startdate, enddate, starttime, endtime)

Questions for the examination will be stored in the tblquestion table

tblquestion(id, content, file, categoryid)

The administrator will be able to filter and sort out the exam result in the tblresult table. The table is connected to category table and student table. The system will be able to quickly determine if the student is qualified or passed to the course he/she wanted to take or enroll.

tblresult(id, categoryid, studid, score, total, date)

After the examination will end the students will be able to receive a text message about their score and status.

tblsms(id, mobileno, message)

tblstatus stores information if the category of test has already been taken by the student.

tblstatus(id, studid, questionid, categoryid,choiceid,hasquiz)

tblstudent table stores information about the student which includes the firstname, lastname, gender, mobile number, email, address, date of birth and the preferred course to enroll.

tblstudent(id, studid, fname, lname, gender, mobileno, email, address, birthdate, graduated, lastschoolattended, prefercourse)

tbluserdata holds the record of the user of the system such as username, password, email, firstname and lastname.

tbluserdata(id, username, password, fname, lname, email, mobileno, level)

System Flow/Features:

Guidance Counselor or Administrator

  • Manage Questions (multiple choice – 4 choices)
  • Manage Question Category (Math, General Info, Etc)
  • Manage Student Registration (id, name, address, contact, or number, username, password)
  • Manage Courses (courseid, coursename, passing score)


  • Register to the system using tablet or android devices ( name, address, contact, or number, username, password)
  • Take and Submit Exam
  • View Result and Receive SMS


  • reports on the results of the exam
  • reports on all the passers (rank by highest to lowest) and recommend a course(s) based on the result


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