Voting System Database Design

Title:  Voting System Database Design


The researchers would like to develop a voting system with android application. Wherein the system itself can canvass the vote of the students, easily distinguish the winner and can provide printable results. The system involved android application wherein the developer develops an application to those user students. The approach targets all the phases of system design, implementation and testing in the system. This approach is currently being applied for the implementation of voting system that will be initially deployed in an actual voting process.

To help our recipient to make their voting easier and faster.

  • The said system can count the votes per candidate they are selecting.
  • Shows the results after voting ended.
  • Provide printable results for the whole running candidates and for those who really win for their position.
  • Provide printable results for those student who already voted and those who did not participate in voting.

To make voting for the student easier and clear.

  • Since our system involved mobile application that is intended literally to those user students they can easily download our application. In here a lot of time they can save. The system provides information regarding about the running candidates. Student just needs to click the candidate to vote.

Database Schema with description of table:

The table user stores information about the username, password and fullname of the system users. The user has two types; the administrator which has the full access to the system and the user level which has limited privilege.

tbluser (id, username, password, fullname, accesslevel)

Table party stores information about the different party list registered in the school or institution.

tblparty (id, partyname, partydescription)

Course table includes the course name and id which serves as the primary key of the table.

tblcourse (id, courseinitial, coursename)

student table stores information about information of students such as id number, lastname, firstname, middlename, course, voting code, image and the vote status.

tblstudent (id, studentidno, lastname, firstname, middlename, courseid, votingcode, image, votestatus)

Candidate position table stores information about different position such as president, vice president, etc.

tblcandidateposition (id, positionname, shortname, sortorder, votesallowed, allowperparty)

candidate table stores information about the candidates. Candidates must be registered first in the students table. The table is connected to the position and party table.

tblcandidate (id, studentid, positionid, partyid)

Vote table stores the votes of students. This is where the votes are counted.

tblvote (id, studentid, candidateid, date, time)

Table Relationship:

Voting System Database Design

The relationship is used to cross reference information between tables.

Voting System Database Design Table Relationship

Sample Queries:

The query below will display the lastname, firstname and the count of votes of the candidates.

Table Relationship:

SELECT tblstudent.studentlastname AS Lastname, tblstudent.studentfirstname AS Firstname, Count(tblvotes.studentid) AS VoteCount

FROM tblstudent INNER JOIN tblvotes ON tblstudent.studentid = tblvotes.studentid

GROUP BY tblstudent.studentlastname, tblstudent.studentfirstname


Admin Module

  1. Manage Party list (create, update,delete)
  2. Manage Course (create, update, delete)
  3. Manage Candidate (create, update, delete)
  4. Manage Candidate Position (create, update, delete)
  5. Manage Student Registration (create, update, delete)

Canvassing Module

  1. View Canvassing (Real-Time)
  2. View Students who voted and not (optional feature)
  3. Print Winners


  1. Login with their ID no.
  2. Vote for their candidates.


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