Sea grass Specie Profiling System in PHP and MySQL

Sea grass Specie Profiling System in PHP and MySQL


This study aims to develop an Information system of sea grass. The system is a big help to respond and to answer the needs of the end users in terms of the scarcity of references and lack of resources for the researchers, and fisheries students of the institution in the current existing system available for use.

This software is capable for storing data and is responsible for quick accessibility and easy retrieval of data and information of sea grass in the coastal areas in your locality. Prior to the development, the system was designed with search menu options that allows user to view and search information using the specie name of sea grass. As it was consulted from the end-user, the sea grass name contains information which includes its corresponding specie name, local name, phylum, order, genus and its taxonomic information. The system presents images in each specie with assigned label of photo description. It also provides information and basic set of features to add and update certain information available on the database system.

The users will use the search button to view the information they needed from the system, the information they needed from the system is of course the data of sea grasses. The system must be updated by the administrator to add the upcoming information of the said study but the user can only view and print sea grass information.


This study aims to develop an Information System of different species of Sea Grass.

Specifically it aims to;

  1. Provide specific names and graphical description of sea grasses in your locality.
  2. Develop an efficient system for quick retrieval and accessibility of sea grasses information.
  3. Secure data of sea grasses from unauthorized access.
  4. Provide an organized listing of sea grasses.


Fisheries/Biology Students and Teachers – this application will serve as a field guide of the different types of sea grasses found in their coastal areas.

Researchers – with this project the researchers will be able to practice and implements their skills in IT especially in programming field.

Future Researchers – this will serve as a reference for future researchers who want to have a study that is similar to this project. 

Features and System Modules

Sea grass Information Data Entry Module – this module includes adding of new record, updating, uploading of images and a search feature. The following are the fields to be encoded in the system:

Specie name, local name, english name, description, images, phylum, class, order, family, genus and binomial name.

Printout/Report Module (list and per item report) – the project has a feature to print the list of sea grasses encoded in the system and as well as to print the individual data of each sea grass.

Database Backup/Restore Module – to backup means to create a copy of the original database and to restore means to upload the previous database.

Database Schema/Design

Database design will be posted in a different article, please stay tuned.


  1. The information is clear and concise, it is also informative to the intended users
  2. User friendly navigation design
  3. The system provides organized listing of sea grasses.
  4. Efficient system for quick retrieval and accessibility of sea grass information.

Development Tools:

The project is available in Visual Basic and MS Access, Visual Basic and MySQL, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

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