Water Billing System with Due Date SMS Notification

Water Billing System with Due Date SMS Notification


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The capstone project entitled “Web Based Water Billing Management System with Due Date for Payment Notification via SMS” is a web based platform for managing water bills of the consumers. The system will be able to process bill payments, generate billing reports and issues official receipt. The system will also have a feature that notifies registered consumers about the due date of payment via SMS.

Web Based Water Billing Management System with Due Date for Payment Notification via SMS
Web Based Water Billing Management System with Due Date for Payment Notification via SMS

Water is one of the humanity’s basic necessities. At the present, some communities have their own water district that supply water in different households. Along with availing water supply from water district is paying for water bills every month. Due to increased number of water consumers, water districts find it hard to manage a pile of water bills. The manual way of managing water bills is prone to human errors. In the conventional way, they deliver water bills personally which sometimes are delivered to wrong home owner and this cause delays to payments. Managing water bill information in the manual process also consumes a lot of time and effort for the reason that the data are entered manually and may produce inconsistent record.

Proposed Solution

The researchers of this project have a proposed solution for the aforementioned problems. The proposed solution is the web based water billing management system which automates the processing and delivery of water bills. The system will send directly to the registered home owner the water bills which will eliminate the possibility of incorrectly delivering the water bills. The system will also generate water bill information which is very convenient for water districts. The system will also serve as a repository of billing information in a centralized database wherein reports are easily taken. The system will also help avoid delay of payments for it also notify the consumers about the due date of the bill through an SMS.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective- the main goal of this project is to design and develop a web based billing management system which will automate water billing management along with an SMS notification feature that reminds the consumers to remind for the payment’s due date.

The following are the specific objectives of the study:

  1. To design a system that will automate water billing management.
  2. The system will serve as storage of water bill information.
  3. Design and develop a system that is embedded with SMS notification for due date of payments.
  4. To develop a system that is convenient for water suppliers to manage thousand fold of water bills.
  5. Generate reports based on the requirements needed by the management.

Significance of the Study

The following are the beneficiaries of this project:

Water Districts and Suppliers. The system will help them manage loads of water bills. This will improve their business growth and customer services.

Consumers and general public. The system will help them receive the water bill on time and will also help them be reminded about the due dates by receiving a short message as a reminder.

Researchers. If this project will succeed, they will gain credits for providing solution in the problems faced by water districts in managing water billings. This will add on their knowledge and skills as programmers.

Future Researchers. They can utilize this study as a reference if they wish to pursue the same study.

Development Tools and Programming Environment

Bootstrap will be used for the user interface or front-end part of the project. It is a framework that uses HTML, CSS and JS technologies to design and develop responsive web applications.

PHP and MySQL or MariaDB will be used for the back-end of the system. PHP is a scripting language that serves as a link or bridge between HTML and MySQL. MariaDB or MySQL is a relational database management system that uses tables that are connected with each other to store the records of the system.

iTexMo SMS API is for the SMS notification of the water billing system.

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